“But You’re Just Being PC”

This is another cliche much like “snowflake”. Have we examined it in detail? WNs and others love to say mean things to other people and then excuse this cruel behavior by saying that their targets are just being politically correct.

Huh, politically correct? Why is it merely PC and not decent behavior instead to call out the seriously cruel, heartless remarks that these bigmouths have literally no conscience about? In fact, @Robert Lindsay has stated that many or all of these attackers are mentally ill with Cluster B personality disorders!

There is such a thing as oversensitiveness, and I can call it when I see it. That would be like getting upset over the N-word said in an insincere manner in private conversations which accidentally become public as with the NASCAR driver who was crucified lately.

Insults by Cluster-B Types Are Often Not Scientific

For instance, beauty is massively subjective. In fact, what you see as “popular” doesn’t appeal to everyone. So when WNs come out as say beauty is objective and can be measured, they’re deluded, which is aided by the fact that they simply dislike non-Whites, miscegenation, etc.

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