Nobody Notices the Weird and Scary When Things Are Normal

Nope, people are caught up in making money, sports, or whatever they do most of the time.

How many of them last year would even think the world would be like this now?

However, the Christian faith demands that people believe in the possibility of the odd breaking out at any time even when things are normal. Yet this is tough to do, and I don’t think even people that believe in it – that is, really believe in it. They wouldn’t believe in it until a scenario like that of today shows up.

Plenty of other people – as hard as it is to fathom – don’t view our present reality as something truly different from  whatever they are normally used to. They think things will go back to normal next year, and this aberration will be another somewhat-forgotten tragedy like 9/11.

These people won’t be going into survival mode due to this virus because they believe there’s a future.

Scenes from Movies
The Terminator and Ghostbusters II Spoilers

The protagonist in The Terminator (the one trying to save Sarah Conner) was seen as an raving loon by the cops. The beginning scene in Ghostbusters II had Bill Murray in a paranormal TV show  mocking the guests.

My Own Doubts

It involves the fact that I didn’t really take Oprah, Ted Turner, etc. seriously. I didn’t believe their beloved plan (UN Agenda 21) could be carried out – the very plan I see coming to fruition right now.

The Fear of the Global Cabal – Overpopulation

In a sense, I can understand the fear. Look at the following movie:  (warning spoilers)

Soylent Green Spoiler

The population in over-polluted 2022 (how ironic the year) is 40 million in NYC alone. The people are forced to eat veggieburgers, only it seems that the new product is Soylent Green, which is made from plankton. Only it’s not made of that. It’s made of something else. Guess what?


This all goes back  to Malthus and his population theory in which it was noted that once the population was too large, a society could not function normally. The consequences would be terrible beyond imagination.


The reduction in population of 95 percent before 2030 cannot be achieved normally, though they might say this to avoid scaring people. Only mass genocide would produce it, and there’s no evidence the globalists have backed out of this plan (UN Agenda 21).

Other Options

This is a tough one. Christians might believe God can make a way to make the world sustainable for future population growth. Maybe there could be space colonization. But the cabal – which people say is Satanically driven – does not believe that’s possible.

Elderly Alzhiemer’s Patients – Beaten by Black Caretakers

But of course this gets no attention, while the one in Minnesota gets nationwide, probably worldwide eyeballs.

This is the problem with journalism that White Nationalists, though full of biased hate, are quick to point out.

The endgame of doing this is to portray the globalists as compassionate, I think to draw people in even though the globalists really want to kill most Blacks, like want to do everyone else. Probably even White Supremacists would look like Mr. Rogers compared how globalists would deal with them (UN Agenda 21 – 95 percent population reduction).


The Wuss Problem

It exists in me because I don’t want to work because I’m a coward.  I cannot handle confrontation like George McFly on Back to the Future. In this case, you won’t see me working any macho jobs. I won’t even work fast food. I do like dishwashing jobs because they’re isolated. But why work when I have an income coming in from doing nothing? The only reason I would work is just to be macho.

Of course, I’m doing honorable Internet projects that are a success, though not financially – that’s the kicker, the bummer. If they’re not making money, some hardass drill instructor would tell me, “Get a job, bum. Do the project on the side.”

Case in Point about Confrontation

I walk out of a restaurant yesterday, and these country motherfuckers call me a cocksucker while giggling as I go to my car. I do nothing. However, I get in my car and purposely drive between them on the way out when I could have driven another route.

I’d Like to Get into Video Games Again

I’ve spent most of my post-30 year old life working on website projects, but now things are coming toward an end with the NWO enslavement/genocide, so I’d like to enjoy the  sorts of things that people with no hopes and dreams are  into.

The projects I was doing, though very meaningful and well done (like the massive music lesson project which amassed thousands of followers), never made any money, so I should have worked on the side at a real job at least part-time. However, I have this huge anxiety about people thinking they want to start something.

Childish Grownups

I’ve been accused of this myself.

However, I’ve spent countless hours building up a huge music lesson site, and creating it was as “fun” as working at McDonald’s (sarcasm). Someone could argue I wasn’t on my feet creating the website, but definitely what I was doing was work.

There’s a whole class of people of whom I was wrongly thrown in with who literally spend all their time on social media chatting on forums or making little sites with no hope of real traffic or money, looking at their cellphones, or playing video games. This is their life.

I tried to encourage one guy with a gaming forum to go the extra mile and do something with it. But these types are all on a fixed income. For instance, this guy has autism.

These people are not willing to do anything involving paid income because they live on a limited government income, and they’re unwilling to sacrifice any part of that. They do make sacrifices but these don’t increase traffic to their sites because their sites are simply too small to benefit from the added work. They don’t have the courage to make real sacrifices, work, or get a bank loan. A bank loan is a real possibility for some, but they seem to be under some delusion that sites with little or no money put into them can still bring in people and profit. Or so it seems.

Almost Everyone Seems to Be Buying into the Covid-19 Enslavement

To various degrees. Red states are more suspicious. For instance, neighboring Virginia, being newly blue, is requiring face masks in public, while Tennessee, where I’m at, is becoming more free.

I’m not saying Covid is a hoax like Alex Jones is. I think it’s real, but no doubt it is a NWO scheme to start the depopulation process. It’s a soft-kill thing because people are totally unaware – being led into the gas chamber with smiles and hugs.

The another night I watched a little of Saturday Night Live, a show obviously appealing to SJWs. They’re making fun of Covid-19 quarantine without actually criticizing it. I feel sorry for these types because it’s more than likely that they’re going to get disposed of just like people who are less trusting of medical authorities.

I Fell for This Scam at First

Well, I was somewhat skeptical, as I thought it was the Chinese – perhaps a Chinese plot to weaken America. But by now it’s obviously clear it’s a Satanic elite coup.



The Police Murder in Minnesota

It would be interesting to see White nationalist reactions when the video shows so clearly that the Black guy was murdered. Even regular conservative media is making no attempt to defend the cop at all.

I suppose they would come up with some excuse to get around the fact that this is an obvious homicide. What is it going to be? Uh, “Cops have to be steroid-ed out of their minds because of Blacks, and this was just some big accident.” There’s an excuse for everything, right?

White Nationalists Are Massive NWO Supporters

No doubt they support depopulation but only of Non-White people. That will be achieved alright but the depopulation of most White people will also be in the cards. Finally, the surviving world will probably have variations like a diverse  botanical garden. It won’t be all white  or Nordic people.

However, White Nationalists seem to be against the establishment as much as Alex Jones is. They appeal to that crowd. Also, both parties regularly have their videos taken down.

White Nationalists Are Under the Illusion…

…that the globalists want an exploding Non-White population of low IQ people whom the globalists, who are heavily Jewish, would control.

But that theory is laughably false, and it’s becoming more clear every day in this Covid-1984 World we live in now.

However, it does seem similar to the real situation where a small group of globalists control people in general whom they view as dolts, cattle, or if they are more in a more respectful mood, honorable human sacrifices.

But How Could the WNs Have Fallen for This?

I suppose it’s because of their own hatred, massive egos, and  desires to be gods – much like people such as Bill Gates, Oprah, Ted Turner, Henry Kissinger, Rockefeller etc..

White Genocide – If Only That’s All It Was

I’m being sarcastic, of course.  I don’t want a white genocide.  However, the real genocide is simply equal-opportunity-murder – kind of like Clint Eastwood’s bigotry on Dirty Harry.

The goal of UN Agenda  21 is the population reduction of 95 percent.  You don’t think the prelude to it is going on now?

Then, what was the white genocide theory?  Well, it’s a convenient way to fool sheep into supporting globalist (really Satanist) candidates into their fold – under the false illusion of compassion.  Also, I suppose it could fool right-wingers into a conservative fold – which probably also works for the globalists.   I mean, you’re saying  W. Bush wasn’t aware of future globalist plans after 9/11?

Who would exist in post-genocide world?

It don’t seem like Ted Turner and, of course, Oprah Winfrey are white supremacists – so a Nazi master race thing doesn’t seem on the horizon.

The Occult’s Greatest Secret

What I take from it is they want to be their own god.  But this makes sense with the hunger of power in so many.  In fact, the rise of the whole Bill Gates New Age “rape” – is only allowed by a society of power hungry people, generally.   However, I think at a lower level – there are “more innocent” people – but not totally innocent.  Of course, they are used, abused – disposed of by the higher-ups.

PUA/Game: Latest Sexual Adventures: The Knockout Gorgeous Thieving Meth Head Bitch

An update to my latest sexual adventures, or should I say unadventures the way things are going these days.

I had a methhead chick over at my place recently. She was smokin hot and not fucked up by meth yet. 39 years old, 5 kids, divorced. Basically a complete airhead which I don’t mind because airheaded women can act extremely feminine. Idiotic and childlike, sure, but oh so feminine. Anyway, raw femininity does have an idiotic and childlike quality to it, but I love it anyway because I even love women when they are being idiotic.

I got her in my car and she said, “Damn! You’re fucking hot! You know that?”

I said, “Cool, let’s fuck then.”

She said, “Nope, I don’t give it away for free. Either dope (meth) or money, one or the other.”

Guys, once a woman says she doesn’t give it away for free, just get rid of her. She’s a whore. A pure, 100%, real deal, no lie, fucking whore. Not even in the typical way that most all women are whores. Chicks like this are on the level of a streetwalker.A nasty, lowdown, sleazy, streetwalking, thieving, criminal fucking prostitute of the lowest variety.

You never do anything but lose money or stuff with real deal whores, and a lot of the times, you don’t even get laid. They just take your money or stuff, withhold the pussy, and take off. You have no idea how many cunts like this there are. They’re literally everywhere, mostly young women aged 23-29. This one at 39 was a bit old for this crap, but being an addict, it made sense.

45% of real deal whores are female psychopaths. Real deal whores are pretty much the worst women of all. That’s what female psychopaths do – thieve and whore, whore and thieve. Male psychopaths of course are so much worse as they are vastly more destructive and often extremely aggressive and even violent.

I did manage to get her naked. I often get women naked once I get them in the door. I’m not even sure how I do it. I just somehow get their damn clothes off. Ladies, if any of you dare to tread into my Lion’s Den (otherwise known as Enemy Territory), keep in  mind that there’s a pretty good chance you will lose your clothes, at least for a bit. Plus my place is sort of a free fire zone. If I get you in here, I’m probably going to be grabbing at you and steering you towards the bedroom. Because that’s what we do with hot lady visitors here at Bob’s Hotel for Wayward Gals.

I grabbed at her a few times but she knocked me away with a “That’ll cost ya.” I gave her a bunch of stuff like toiletries because she was poor. To add insult to injury the bitch stole some of my stuff. Actually my roommates stuff but still…And she gaslit me real bad too.

She took my roommates’ jacket. I saw her with it and told her that’s ours and she was stealing it. She gaslit me and said she’d been wearing since I met her. I’m going back over my memory and I can’t think straight. She walks out the door with my roommates sandals and jacket while I’m still doubting my damned memory.

I didn’t  really get anything other than getting her naked. But that’s got to count for something, right? Just getting a hot woman over to your place and getting her damned clothes off is pretty awesome. I give myself a Bronze Star for that achievement.

My Experience at a Dope-Head Motel

Shockingly, it was a major chain. There were just enough dope-heads staying there to make the place seem properly Hellish. The overall vibe was of the Mark of the Beast or a zombie flick, both of which are part of the Final Solution project of the Satanic elite.

I saw some mean-looking gang type men and at least two women staring like they were demon-possessed.  There was even a screaming woman to add to the overall effect. To top it off, later I heard the motel manager say she was going to call the cops.

To prevent scenes like this, another chain motel in town literally banned locals from staying there.


Land of Toys

Known in the Disney movie Pinnochio as Pleasure Island. This reminds me of the devolution I think will happen with the Mark of the Beast:

The original take to the Land of Toys mixes the aspects of a morality tale with those of social critique. Children (depending upon the translation of the original Italian, the novel has included both boys and girls or only boys) are lured there by the Coachman with the promise of never having to go to school again and being able to spend their whole time having fun.

They never have to do any work or learn anything, and the graffiti on all the walls is proof of that. Finally, after months of reckless abandonment, the true purpose of the land is revealed. As a result of their immodest behavior and ignorance, and what is treated almost as a natural consequence, they become donkeys (in Italian culture, the donkey is symbolic of ignorance, stupidity, goofiness and labor).

The transformation is not instantaneous, but usually happens in the span of a single day. First the children’s ears sprout out into those of a donkey. This first change seems to be an early symptom, for it is always several hours before the complete asinine change begins.

Then, in a process which the book seems to describe as painful, the children are forced to the ground in a quadrupedal stance, unable to stand upright any longer.

It is at this point of animalistic behavior that the children’s minds seem to transform into that of unthinking beasts; they begin to lose speech and run around chaotically, braying, kicking and violently ripping off their human clothes until naked and fully transformed, usually in such a violent manner as to seem crazed.

However, a piece of their human minds seems to remain in the fact that they are aware that they are being humiliated. Then, as they lash out in asinine instincts, children’s hands and feet become hooves, their faces transform into equine muzzles, and they grow hair all over their bodies.

The last thing that happens to them is the growth of donkey tails; this is considered the most humiliating segment of the transformation in the fact that it signals their absolute and irreversible transformation into donkeys.

Once the transformation is complete, the Coachman and his minions sell the donkeys to different farmssalt minescircuses, and any other place that would make use of the donkeys they receive.

Some commentators have said that the sudden, yet completely clean (no graphic, obscene, or overtly scary descriptions are used) transformation can seem terrifying to younger children. Adaptations of the scene have been labeled as too frightening for certain age groups.

When framed in the context of the late 19th century, the chapters set in the Land of Toys also serve as social commentary: abandoning school means securing oneself a future with no other way to make a living but through hard back-breaking labor, and there are plenty of people (like the ruthless coachman) who will always try to take advantage of that.

The Social Justice Distraction

This is where the opponents of the evil regime paint the opposition as racist, homophobic, fat-phobic whatever so that a great mass of people (no pun intended – LOL) will object because, well, they don’t like it. Despite the anti-SJW theme of this blog generally, people have a right to offended by insults. If groups are calling people fat, someone might say, “Hey, wait a second. I’m fat!”.

This is so clever because the social justice people are simply puppets, more than often unknowingly, of a regime that actually only wants to kill them.  The UN Agenda of population reduction (no pun intended again – LOL) is all written out in broad daylight but because things seem so normal, until recently, nobody takes “the weird” seriously.

Indeed, there are a lot of bad apples such as Cluster B idiots to make sure this scheme continues.  The Archie Bunker stereotype isn’t false. You can see it everywhere. Yet it doesn’t adequately represent all anti-SJW or anti-government types.

We Are All in This Together, Brother

I saw this crap playing on TVs for sale at Wal-Mart. It’s so unerringly 1984-ish it’s beyond shock. But that’s exactly the trap for much of the population. In other words, bomb them with love like they’re in some religious cult. Nevertheless, the end game is enslavement and then slaughter, just like with cows (Oh, another pun).

Anatolian Homeland for Indo-European: The Argument Is Over

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: I don’t have a dog in this fight and I not an Indo-Europeanist. But check this anti-Kurgan Hypothesis video. The talk about ‘wheel’ cognates across three continents is fascinating.

I know some Indo-Europeanists pretty well. We communicate back and forth. And they have told me that it is now unanimous among Indo-Europeanists that the proper name for the family is Indo-Anatolian, similar to Joseph Greenberg’s Indo-Hittite. In other words, Anatolian itself is so divergent from the rest of IE that it is a sister to all of the non-Anatolian languages.

The argument is over. Indo-European is divided into Anatolian and everything else, so Anatolian is a sister family to all of the rest of IE. That right there shows that Anatolian split far before all the rest. According to the Kurgan Hypothesis, that can’t be so.

And if Anatolian split is that far from the rest of IE, obviously it was the initial homeland and Colin Renfrew’s Anatolian homeland theory gained backing when a phylogenetic or Bayesian analysis by Atkinson and Grey showed that IE goes back 9,000 YBP.

However, the Kurgan Hypothesis is also correct. Obviously, the Kurgan area was a secondary homeland for the IE people. It looks like IE sat  in Anatolia for ~3,000 years, not doing a whole lot, and then went to the Kurgan area 6,000 YBP. I would argue for a secondary split of Tocharian after Anatolian and then all of the rest of IE splitting off from that.

Indo-European being divided into Anatolian first and then all non-Anatolian languages after that, similar to how

  • Turkic is actually Bulgaro-Turkic, as Turkic is divided into Chuvash, etc. and all of the non-Bulgaric languages.
  • Tungusic is now divided into Manchu-Tungus, ie, Tungusic is divided into Manchu and all of the non-Manchu languages.
  • Tai is split into the Kadai languages and then all of the non-Kadai languages.
  • Inuit is divided into Aleut and then all of the non-Aleut languages.
  • Austronesian is obviously divided into the languages of Taiwan and then all of the non-Taiwan languages, but they are not formally split that way.

We don’t have a lot of these splits in IE itself that I’m aware of.

Objections to Bill Gates as Evil

Some claim he simply wants to vaccinate children in the Third World because better health means the families will have fewer children, since they don’t need children to replace dead ones. But that’s not what’s going on. Excess children don’t necessarily die nowadays. Why do you think there’s a population explosion, dummy?

No, this explanation is a flat-out lie. These companies have more sinister things on their mind than that.

Bill Gates Gives to Charity, So He Couldn’t Possibly Be Bad

This rejoinder is so retarded it’s not even worth a comment – lol.  Nevertheless, you see it dragged out as a defense for the man on some pro-Gates sites.

You Will Be as Gods, Knowing Good and Evil

It would make sense if the finale to everything would be a return to the start of Genesis where Adam and Eve were told they don’t need God and can eat the apple and thereby make their own decisions about morality and acquire immortality on their own.

Computers seem to be smart enough to act as the Apple (Apple Computers – lol?) in the garden. Bill Gates and other population genocide schemers are wanting to fuse with machines to be immortal, and of course, they don’t have to submit to God’s prudish rules.

Why is this notion (along with eugenics) so sickening to so many? Because it’s pure blasphemy.

Will Everyone Get on the Ride?

No, sorry. They want to reduce the population by ~95%. It’s not going to be Henry Ford making a model-T for the masses.

No, for some reason – probably selfish – they simply want to quickly kill off most common folk – the same people buying their products. So much for the profit motive idea in evil.

Alt Left: Genocide? What White Genocide?

My Mom laughs about these people. I mention Nordicists to her and she shrugs her shoulders, chuckles as if talking about a silly person, and asks:

Why don’t they just move to Iceland…or Idaho?

My sister hears it, shakes her head and starts giggling. I tell my Mom about White Genocide theories, and she just chuckles, shrugs her shoulders, and says:

Oh well, looking around at this town, I’d say White people are going to be around a pretty long time.

She’s right. Last time I went to an event in her town (I think Halloween dinner event), there must have been 75 people there, and I didn’t see one non-White. Lots of red hair too! Gingers are hardly going extinct despite WN handwringing, and with all this hair dye nowadays, who cares about hair color anyway?

I was looking around at that Halloween dinner crowd and thinking:

White genocide? LOL I don’t think so. Not yet anyway.

Alt Left: Of Course I’m Not a Racist

Polar Bear: I consider Robert antiracist with a soft spot for US Blacks.

Of course I am! I am a pretty mild anti (old school) but I am still an anti at my core (MLK style). How come these White Nationalist types are the only ones who get me right? They all say exactly this. All of the White nationalists say, “Hey look, man! You’re not one of us, ok? You’re an anti.” They often add that I’m anti-White. Wouldn’t you think if I were one of them, they would just come right out and say it?

I tell modern SJW scum this, and they start twisting themselves around in all sorts of weird human pretzels trying to make sense. Typically they say that racism goes beyond the Mighty Whitey types and White nationalists. Ok, fine, but isn’t there a bit of a continuum when it comes to this sort of thing? The guy next door who muses, “Boy, Blacks sure commit a lot of crime, don’t they?” is the same as Richard Spencer and Stormfront.

“Of course,” SJW’s say, “It’s all the same.” But do you see how insane that is? Jews think like this too. People around the watercooler laughingly comment that Jews are loud, rude, and obnoxious. Half of them are Judeophiles, but every Judeophile I ever knew said precisely this about Jews. The Jew sees that and according to this insane Jewish lunatic, those Judeophiles standing around the watercooler are exactly the same as the maniacs who threw his ancestors in the fire.

And of course the WN view is true because this is how I see myself. I assume that I see myself in a proper light. I would hate to think that others understand me better than I understand myself. I’m much too self-aware for that.

Really racism is a continuum of 0-100 I think. 0 is absolutely nonracist or antiracist. 100 would be completely racist, at least towards some particular group.I am thinking that there are not a lot of 0’s out there, but there are obviously some.

According to SJW’s, we all have to be zero’s on the scale! But why? It’s human nature to be somewhere on a continuum when it comes to most anything. This isn’t a purity contest or is it? SJW’s demand that people be 100% good and 0% bad. In this way, SJW’s very much resemble fundamentalists Christians, Muslims, and Jews. And of course they’re party-pooper turd-in-the-punchbowl no-funners like all of those dour religious types too. SJW’s are Church Ladies.

On that 0-100, WN’s would be racist towards most other groups so they would be close to 100’s; Nordicists are racist towards nearly everyone on the planet so they would be even closer to 100’s.


Alt Left: Of Course I’m Not a Misogynist

Polar Bear: He’s pro-woman at his core but is suffering a bit of racial ageism.

Of course. I’ve always liked women better than men. If I had my way, I’d just be around women all the time or as much of the time as possible. I love being around guys too, but women are better in a way.As you can see, if I like women better than men, I’m obviously a misogynist, right? Feminists are so full of shit.

But in a way it’s a circular argument because no matter what, you will be around men.

You don’t like women much? Ok, you will be around men.

You like women as much as men? Ok, you will be around men half the time at least.

You like women better than men? The weird thing is that even there you will have men around a lot because if you are around women all the time, pretty soon you will have guys hanging around because “I want to hang out with the guy who has all the chicks around him.” Get the picture?

I’m almost like a gay man in that sense. In fact, I used to think I was like “one of women’s gay friends, except I’m straight.”

I agree that I am “one of the girls” in a sense. But I’m not really. I’m just pretending to be one of the girls. I’m really an evil spy pretending to be one of the girls except I’m secretly a guy infiltrating them in order to deviously trick, fool, and scam them into having sex with me.

Part of my brain is like a woman’s brain, so in a way, I think like a woman. That’s why I understand women pretty well. Most women’s conversation seems insipid to us men – hot guys, makeup, clothes, gossip, bla bla, lot of silly giggling and verbal hugging. It’s just pure idiocy. They seem like children.

But I’ve heard that women think the same of us when we get together with fart jokes, sports, and arguing politics. Men are insipid to them.

So I can sit around with a bunch of women being women and doing their girl chat, completely idiotic and senseless, like chirping birds fighting for no reason at your feeder, and I’m right at home amidst all this silliness and idiocy. Sure it is silly and idiotic, but I love it because I even love women when they are being idiotic. Because I’m sort of one myself.

Now mind you I am not a tranny at all. I love being a man and I respect any man, especially a gay man, who loves being a man. I’m also as masculine as any man that ever lived in a sense, and that’s my primary self-image. So I don’t hate being a man and wish I was a woman.

Women weren’t being very nice to me a while ago, but I completely changed my looks. I have long hair now, look like a 1970’s glam rock star, and now women are being way, way nicer. See how shallow women are? Pathetic, isn’t it?

Why Prudish Christian Morality?

This has always been a problem with me, as I can’t see why people would want to submit to morality when being immoral is so much fun! However, looking at this deeper, we can see that even in the Christian realm, sex is more allowed than we think. For instance, Mormons practice polygamy and King Solomon had many wives. We don’t even know what the next world is for the faithful, and there might be a relaxation on sex restrictions in Heaven.

So what’s the point of Christian sex rules?

Well, the end-times nanotech “Satan wants to kill us” meme has got me thinking that the fun out there is only a mechanism to herd animals to slaughter. Now at a lower level, nobody is aware this is true, but higher up, it’s exactly the plan.

Of course, throughout history, the idea is that if you’re bad, you got to hell. But Hell doesn’t scare people, so it makes me wonder if Satan made that up! But the actual end-times truth of population reduction/genocide is definitely showing the true colors with all that’s going on.

The White Nationalist Hoax

It’s one because, even though what the two groups each believe is hideous, the elite believes the same thing as the White Nationalists, but they hide behind pink and lavender shirts, dorky glasses – whatever.

Who has the real power? White Nationalists are used as a distraction so nobody can look at the Satanic Elite – one that has a population/genocide goal now in full force once the Covid-19 vaccine comes in.

This leads me to another thought. Maybe Hitler was brought here and allowed to do his horror so the Satanic Elite can have a distraction. In other words, the idea behind Satan’s relationship to the common people of whatever race is “I’m your friend. I’m concerned about you. I’m not a mean Nazi who bullies people.”

Another Thought

The idea of the Jewish elite trying to destroy humanity is another distraction, one that discredits the notion of  human extermination because, well, again, people associate bigots with being bullies/mean. Also, the elite isn’t Jewish. It has some Jews but Gates isn’t Jewish. The eugenicist elite who are leading the way in wanting to lower the population, and oddly enough, Nazis love eugenics!

All in all, it’s a disturbing scenario as convoluted as a spy movie, and in the end, the true evil is obfuscated from the people as usual.

End-Game: Humanity Exterminated

Christians are taught that the Anti-Christ wants to kill them. Indeed, Satan wants to kill not just Christians but humanity in general, probably even the people like Gates and other elites.

The idea is “bait and switch.” Give people what they want – like  giving cows grass – and then it’s slaughter time!

From my study of eugenics acquired by reading White Nationalist sites, I could certainly see that it was an evil thing, and it’s so ironic that it’s the liberal elites who are actually pushing it the strongest, and they are the ones able to carry it out! Interesting!

The idea here would be that we pretend to be the friend of the downtrodden only to lure them into extermination.

Note the non-threatening Bill Gates lavender shirt – LOL.