Police State is Inevitable Because of Disasters and Marketing

Well, right now we’re in the midst of a disaster, and my opinion is disasters of this type will keep coming up every few years. In fact, seeing how much damage was done to the US, bio-stuff should be the choice of terrorists and enemy governments.


I can’t really blame sellers, seeing how tough it is to be one. Well, they don’t want to waste money, especially people who don’t have the biggest biz cash-flow going on. In that case, they need extreme details about the buying public.  However, that annoys some because they feel it’s an invasion of privacy.

The Solution

There isn’t one. I mean, if we look at disasters, the US is basically cursed. They’re simply not going to stop fucking with the US just cause InfoWars type people don’t like police state governments, and if there is a bio-disaster, there has to be a police state to protect the people. Call it the Mark of the Beast of whatever – there’s just no way around it.

Now with marketing, I don’t expect a solution because as said, business is tough, and companies and individuals don’t want to lose money.

Racial Supremacists

They want to replace the Jew-controlled police state with a Nazi police state, and, of course, they don’t want a bio-war going on because it increases hated Jew-state power, and they simply don’t have the numbers to manipulate the situation to do what they want. In fact, a stronger US government is not an advantage to them, though at first, I think probably many of them would think so (an increase in tyranny would alienate WNs, etc.).

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