Being Brash or Praised among Nationalists Is Not Workable in Real Life

The brash real man who says what he thinks, lol – runs into a brick wall among real people.    However, nationalists keep harping that wimps, cucks, or whatever are these quivering cowards who kiss the ass of other races all the time.

However, how much of the quivering is common sense and diplomacy, and how much is degradation?

I mean seriously, if people talked like certain Blacks in a heavily Black area or like people on White Nationalist forums in the presence of other races, there’d be a huge problem, and it’s not cause of PC oversensitivity.

In fact, the best idea when being around another race/nationality is to shut up.

Donald Trump Is Brash

Yeah, he is, but he lives in the massive bubble just like these bigmouths on social media. These people don’t interact with other races in a real sense.

Being Around Another Race Can Be Annoying/Degrading

It can but the alternative of saying what you think is many times worse because ultimately, they don’t care about your opinion.

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