China Doesn’t Care about Waging Wage Bio-War on the US

Despite the fact that Chinese and other Mongoloids are also snooty racists against a lot of non-Whites, lol, they can see that Americans have killed countless non-Whites as well as the non-White Mongoloids.

In this case, they don’t really give a  bag of beans to launch bio-war, but they won’t come out and admit it out loud, obviously. However, if they did I really think the US is too wimped out to launch nukes. I don’t know what they would do. Well, there would be sanctions. Sanctions, though, would stir up way more trouble leading to war, but then again, nobody has the guts to fight a real war – only proxy wars like Vietnam or Afghanistan.

Anyway, with Yellows, there is no pan-Asian solidarity. That’s why I find this White Power stuff so laughable, since as Europeans as shown over history, are no different, and the other races are the same.

Therefore, in this case, China has no qualms about genociding Japan, but despite all this, they can see that generally, not looking at race,  Americans don’t value lives other than that of Americans, maybe Europeans, and their non-White puppets.

Anyway, this recent virus is to destroy the US economy. It’s not a real killer because the US has 330 million, and only half of 100,000 died. In fact, the projection of 2 million that didn’t come about isn’t even 1 percent of 330 million.

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