Some People of Both Sexes Like Androgyny in the Other

Yeah, my girlfriend DID NOT like my short haircut I got recently, and she doesn’t like my facial hair. Of course, that’s just an opinion. I’ve got a female relative into short hair who used to pick on me for my long hair for so long.

Anyway, some guys also like tomboys, but I think liking a lot of muscles is not the norm by a long-shot. Tomboys would just be mildly athletic ones and/or ones who dress up in boy clothes.

What’s up with WNs and/or Hardcore Misogynists?

They present this thing where Western guys are pussies and metrosexual, praising backward societies like Russia as the way to be. However, as one commentator noted, tons of women like androgyny, and my opinion is that some androgyny in society adds for variety. In fact, some hyper-macho guys seem like assholes.

On another thought, I think these hardcore misogynists are haters. They’re nerds, not getting my women.  This is a suspicion.

Middle School Discrimination

That age is heavy into conformity, but actually, into high school it seems like being a rebel is more liked, even in the Bible Belt. However, these racistd and misogynists seem to be stuck in in elementary/middle school.

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One thought on “Some People of Both Sexes Like Androgyny in the Other”

  1. She Mongoloid? They seem to like less facial hair. I think you and I are opposites in a lot of ways. I’m growing my hair long even now. Problem with too much muscles on women is they can lose their boobs.

    Women like slightly pretty men. These short-haired neo-tomboys are on a destructive path trying to be men in all the wrong ways. Years ago tomboys were not so bad.

    Russia is far from backwards, its people are very smart. Some women think they want gay men, they are all over the place. East Slavs and Balts probably have the most common sense. The further West, the more corrupt.

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