Despicable 1st World Types in the Third World

We know the type -smoke, drink, do 5 dollar whores in Central America, yeah, yeah. Maybe this type even tells nigger jokes in his small town while he had 20 black hos lined up in Atlanta.

Anyway, I might slam “puritan assholes” on racist forums, but at least they have integrity. There is a certain joker that has no integrity, and he tries to laugh off criticism.

But I’m wondering. Considering this persona I mentioned is around so much misery, wouldn’t their heart soften up enough to feel bad? Well, it already has some, as we might occasionally run across a douchebag guilt trip thing sounding like Jimmy Buffet’s Come Monday song – lol.

Anyway, to be a saint you might have be a sinner first. I mean, you gotta get into the clutches of sin to see how bad it is. It’s a purgatory thing.

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