The Problem Of Jewish Snobby-ness and the Bible

Well, Jesus addressed all this stuff with his conversations with the Pharisees where he was basically criticizing them for being like modern day Jews, White Nationalists, Northeast Asians etc..

In fact, these groups were simply heartless snobs – whose rules etc.. were not coming from a good motive and used in the correct fashion.

For instance, some were so strict – they wouldn’t break the Sabbath idea of work – even to save a dying animal.

So basically, these are some closed-minded folks, kind of like these white nationalists – who cannot they may not be right about a lot of things – or perhaps even they are strongly wrong about many things.

Well, in the Bible Jesus was saying they were blind.    Well, basically, this is a metaphor for closed-mindedness.   This close-mindedness I think was because they’re just mean people.   They’ve devolved into a Cluster-B mindset.

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