Alt Left: The Modern Jewish Nation Is Murderous and Genocidal, But So Are Many Nations, Especially the US

Jews are not monstrous genocidal maniacs on the level of the Nazis, though the genocidal Jewish monsters in Israel surely give Nazis a run for their money. It’s all pretty sad. Innocent Jewish people get murdered by genocidal Master Race supremacist racist maniacs. So what do Jews do in response? Turn into genocidal Master Race supremacist racist murdering maniacs. Sure the Nazis killed a lot more and did it in a more up close and personal manner. But Jews are genocidal too.

Jews declared war on the Iraqi People in 2003 and used Jewish control over the US state to attack and destroy Iraq for no reason at all other than the state being hostile to Jews. The UK helped. As a result, 1.4 Arab Iraqis were killed, basically slaughtered by Jews and their American and British allies.

Next, the Jews along with their US, Turkish, Saudi, British, French, UAE, Saudi, and NATO allies launched a war on the Syrian people using Al Qaeda and similar terrorists to destroy the country and massacre its people. 500,000 people died. Jews are partly responsible for the deaths of those 500,000 people.

Prior to that, the Jews along with the US and the UK imposed a no fly zone on Iraq. The purpose of this was to exterminate the Iraqi people via terror disease plagues by not allowing their to treat their waste water. This caused Iraqis to drink contaminated war, causing the death of 500,000 Iraqi children. The Jews absolutely helped slaughter those kids.

The Jews assisted the US, British, Saudi, UAE, Sudanese, and Egyptian war on the people of Yemen. The war has had genocidal overtones as the aggressors, including the US attempted to starve the Yemeni people into defeat. In Iraq, the Jews, the US, and the UK tried to exterminate people with plagues.

In Yemen, the same people tried to exterminate people with a error famine. Deliberate terror famines caused by the Saudis and their allies in addition to a scorched Earth campaign against the Yemeni people and their civilian infrastructure killed at least 200,000 Yemenis.

First plagues, then famines. The Americans and the Jews are almost Biblical in the ways they go about exterminating their enemies. What’s next? Locusts?

All told, the Jews have their hands in the murder of 2.1 million of their racial enemies, the Arabian people. The conclusion is inescapable:

Modern Jews are killers.

The Jews are not alone in their murderous and genocidal behavior. The US, UK, NATO, Turks, Saudis, UAE, Qatar, Sudanese, and Egyptians are also murderous genociders.

Of these the worst by far are the Americans and the British, particularly the former, with direct hands in the deaths of 2.1 million Arabian people. The British mostly stood on the sidelines and cheered the US on. The Saudis and UAE are next. They have the blood of 700,000 Arabian people on their hands all because of their genocidal hatred of the Shia Muslims.

Next are the French and Turks, with the blood of 500,000 Arabs on their hands. The Turks because of their genocidal hate of the Shia Muslims, and the French because they are American suck-ups and sidekicks and in particular strong allies of the genocidal Jews.

Check out President Macron of France, who was placed directly into office by the notorious family of Jewish monsters in the UK, the Rothschilds. Macron is essentially working for Lord Rothschild. There’s no other way to put it.

The Egyptians and Sudanese had a role in 200,000 deaths. The only reason for their role in the killing is their murderous hatred of the Shia Muslims.

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16 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Modern Jewish Nation Is Murderous and Genocidal, But So Are Many Nations, Especially the US”

  1. I follow one NS who seems legit but how relevant and elite are Nazis today? One of the more famous neo-Nazis switched teams after years. A lot of the misfit types seem to. So it’s a sad lot full of feds and wackadoos in general. The other group may be as well but also is elite and seem less likely to turncoat.

  2. It’s funny that so many are complaining of plagues here – when the US has set so many abroad. But, of course, only the strong matter, right?

    1. You have to look at excess deaths. There have been 1.4 million excess deaths since the invasion. It’s good science. What else caused those excess deaths.

      1. I see. The 200k is a body bag count. So about 1.2 million incidental deaths from societal collapse?

        1. Interesting. But I would like to see a per capita death counter, domestic and foreign, for each country. In other words, how many deaths has USA, UK, Russia, Saudi Arabia and so forth caused per capita.

          All things being equal of per capita death count, the country with a higher domestic to foreign ration would be the most evil since, intuitively, killing one’s own is perceived as more vile.

          Along with GDP, GINI and HDI we should have the asshole per capita metric as a function of domestic and foreign deaths-caused with domestic ones weighted heavier. My guess is the USA is pretty mediocre by this metric and Cold War Russia and China way on top.

          1. Possibly, but Mao and Stalin actually saved more lives and extended life by more life years in the shortest time by anyone in history. Also the death figures for Stalin are way off. Stalin killed 2.4 million in peacetime, not 10, 20, 40, 60, 110 or whatever other figure they throw out there. That does not include the 5.6 million deaths in Holodomor fake terror famine by the way.

            Mao then broke Stalin’s record. Even the Great Leap Forward famine figures are sort of fake. For one the good figure is 15 million, not 30 or 45 or however many they toss around. Keep in mind that that famine lasted three years, and in every year but one, agricultural production actually went up! Furthermore, in every year but one, the death rate in China was below the rate pre-revolution.

            So yes people were dying every year of famine but nevertheless even more people were dying every year 10 years earlier before the Revolution. So you can see why people supported Mao. Even in the famine, fewer people were dying every year than before!

            So yeah, they killed people but they saved way more.

            Now the question comes up, “Was it necessary to kill those people in order to save the others and prolong life for still more?” Which is a good question.

            Nevertheless if you look at sheer lives saved in toto, even tossing the deaths into that, you end up with Stalin and Mao being the greatest humanitarians of all time!

        2. Well supposedly even all the deaths from violence are not counted. But yeah, that’s all the people who got killed by the war in one way or another. Actually the true figure may be higher than that.

          BTW, the figure for Afghanistan is 1.1 million excess deaths since we invaded. Granted there was a bit of a war in the north before we attacked, most of those deaths are due to our invasion.

  3. A lot of the blame is racism. I mean, I know this is a White Nationalist blog, but honestly, White lives or the lives of their non-white Uncle Toms are the only lives with any value. Also, antisemitism is widespread here but American racism is also directed against non-Whites, so in the case of the Middle East, they have chosen non-White prejudice over antisemitism.

    Now, comically, Americans are upset they can’t get eat-in restaurant food – boo hoo! They want to re-open the economy of the White master race – boo hoo! I’m crying an ocean – lol.

    1. I mean, I know this is a white nationalist blog

      I can’t fathom how you, co-owner of this site, could possibly believe this.

      This site is absolutely not a White nationalist blog or site in any way, shape, or form. I am not a WN. You are not. Alpha is surely not. So no way is this a WN blog. What on Earth made you think this site is WN?!

      1. Yeah, I know that. However, there is freedom of speech given to WNs and it’s anti-SJW. But anti-SJW isn’t always pro-racist/nationalist.

        1. Yeah, I know that. However, there is freedom of speech given to WNs and it’s anti-SJW. But anti-SJW isn’t always pro-racist/nationalist.

          Thank you very, very much! Yes we give WN’s freedom of speech here, but often not comfortable here due to the antis, and they often leave after a while.

          Yes, we are anti-SJW but I am still an equalist and I oppose all forms of discrimination on race, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and I figure I’m about as racist as you are, Jason. And probably less of a homophobe or transphobe. Not that there is anything wrong with your views on those subjects because you are not vicious about your opposition to those folks.

          But anti-SJW isn’t always pro-racist/nationalist.

          We are Left anti-SJW, and there are a lot more of them than you think, Jason. The anti-Identity Politics Left is not a small movement.

  4. Honestly, considering murderous puritans (WNs, Jews) one is as good as the other. We can say Jews murder so much, but Nazis do also – and would have done way more if someone hadn’t stopped them! In fact, World War II was the most justified war in history, but tragically – it was so preventable. The stuff stopping it being anti-Communist forces and isolationists.

    1. We can say Jews murder so much, but Nazis do also – and would have done way more if someone hadn’t stopped them!

      They already did. Nazis started a war in which 50 million people were killed. Furthermore, they killed people up close and personal in very gross ways, which is arguably worse than killing them more abstractly via warfare. Jews, and the US, UK, etc. have killed a few million. They can’t that 50 million in 6 years, Hell no.

      1. National Socialists were Europe’s Jews or more precisely German Jews. The Jew isn’t as direct; they slowly wear down their host. The NS were an intense flash of White blitzkrieg lightning. The fire from that bolt has long been out.

        Jews are still pecking away like woodpeckers. Both tactics play to their own racial strengths. The European peak is brutal from ancient Rome to NS Germany. The Jews’ golden age is at the expense of Europe like during the Islamic conquest and rule of Spain. Polish nobles favoring them over Polish peasants was considered “heaven for Jews”. Israel seems like the Jews’ stab at colonialism, much later than Europeans and even Japanese.

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