Some Conspiracy Theories Could be Right – While Others Aren’t

Obviously, some are idiotic  – but it’s not a reason to dismiss all of them.  I mean, I can’t stand those “all logic” types like radical atheists – who think everything has to be logical.  Well, what they really mean is “normie” because logic might actually highly support some conspiracy theories.

However, it’s just not cool to say things like, “Well, Covid-19 has a significant chance of being a bio-weapon.”.  Well, I can understand, though, why the truth would cause too much trouble for society. It’s kind of like the rationale of why black crimes are hidden by a liberal media.  It’s”fear of the mob”. In other words, people will become – way too hateful and irrational.

O.K., imagine America’s news networks constantly 24/7 acting like white nationalist sites.   What would be the result?

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One thought on “Some Conspiracy Theories Could be Right – While Others Aren’t”

  1. There’s a good chance that Covid-19 originated in the bioweapons lab located near Wuhan. But I am 100% sure its release resulted from human error or corruption rather than design. As a matter of course this lab experimented on animals, and it is a known fact that flunkies at the lab illicitly sold these animals in the famous market for a few extra yuan on the side.

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