People Assume “The Same Kind” is a Good Move

Well, marrying your own kind doesn’t always improve your group.  In fact, if you marry into trash, you have a good chance of devolving into trash.  It’s because they have a greater influence on your behavior, then you have on them.  It’s usually the way it goes -and that’s why Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, strict Christians – won’t marry unbelievers.

Now marrying another groups – also might not improve things.  In fact, blacks and other non-whites are loaded with problems that would drag down “moral whites”.   However, though, some aren’t.   There are even poor ones that aren’t.

Anyway,the WN motivation for racial purity isn’t totally about morals – but this could lead them into a death trap – as they assume white people are better than might really be – or perhaps they could change “bad whites”.  They might think, “Well, at least they’re racist.  What bad could they be or – at least they will listen to advice.”.

Whites Under Siege

Pure Whites and also Pure African Americans, but not Africans for sure – lol – are decreasing in number.   The whites are decreasing cause they live in a urbanized society with few children while third world nations are still in an agrarian one.

Now, myself, I think it would be great to have a lot of everyone – cause that reduces racial conflict.   Therefore, anti-race mixing isn’t the answer – but rather, certain groups having more children.

BTW: African Americans are a lost cause.  Let’s just assume they’re a mixed race with mostly African heritage.

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2 thoughts on “People Assume “The Same Kind” is a Good Move”

  1. Do Southern White men think that way when it comes to race? Do they still think that Whites shouldn’t mix racially, ethnically, etc.?


    1. Ask Jason. Jason comes from NE Tennessee. More hillbilly Appalachia than the South. According to his posts there’s some pretty extreme anti-Black racism in his area. Allow them to mix with Whites? LOL they don’t even want Blacks living with them. An interracial couple was recently burned out of their home in his valley. Before that there were crosses burned on their lawn, etc.

      As far as the rest of the South goes, no idea but Southern men tell me that PC SJWism about race is rare and most White men at least are race realists to say the least.

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