Obnoxious Self-Righteousness

White Nationalists and Jews: Similarities

Yeah, that’s pretty much the theme of the article above.  In fact, when I was saying that WNs are too intellectual – rather than being rednecks, that’s sort of what I meant.  I mean, the self-righteousness of WNs would annoy common blue-collar people – even though, WNs wet-dream that they’re the working class.

Northeast Asians

They’re also very similar to Jews and white nationalists.   They are sickening snobs – anyway you look at it – and the richer they are – the worse.

Racism Around the World

People are racist everywhere to various degrees but outside Jews etc.. it’s not hardcore – though it’s worse on some out-groups than others.  For instance, blacks are looked down upon violently in many parts of the third world.

Anyway, racism coming from these poor groups doesn’t have the self-righteousness of Jews – cause simply whatever these poor people say racist, they’re still very poor.

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