Jews – “Using” Groups to Get at Enemies

Well, in regards to blacks, sure enough – most black liberation ranging from promoting blues, Motown etc to Civil Rights legislation has been funded by Jews.  However, at the same time, the Jews don’t really like blacks.  They’re just being used. Well, maybe they get a few “useful idiot Jews” to do their bidding and maybe they care – but the Jews as whole – don’t care.

Anyway, some have been quick to seize on this like black racists: The Nation of Islam, probably others.  In fact, these groups hate Jews as much WNs.   However, though, despite the hate is odd thing where Muhammad Ali got along so well with Howard Cosell, a Jew – lol.

Anyway, people “using others” is as old as anything in politics.  The US does it all the time.  For instance, it supported Saddam Hussein – until he got too crazy – and then demonized him as Satan, himself.  Why?  Because he attacked Kuwait.  But who really cares about Kuwait?  It’s a rich spoiled nation far away – far away from ordinary Americans.  Well, we do need the oil, but you know, a big difference between Kuwait and, say, Rwanda – where the US did diddly squat – even with a genocide going on.


The fruits of being used can be very positive, though. I mean, if Jews hadn’t used blacks – would the US have ever changed into what we see now?  In fact, the Jews pushed so hard with “goody two-shoes – forced love and tolerance” that we actually have too much of it. It’ evident in these Hollywood movies where the diversity seems “forced and fake”.  It’s evident with gays writing pro-gay books for pre-schoolers (Eeeek!!!).


Do Jews really use blacks and others, generally?  Where’s the proof?  Feel free to post some in the comments.

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