Is Living Among Another Race/Nationality Always Humiliating?

White racists go on about “cucks” and black racists about “Uncle Toms” – but seriously – plenty of people do cross-culture things without massive humiliation.   In fact, many of them are practically worshiped by the other group – but this very stupid usually.   One example of it is “white worship”.  It’s when another group is always kissing your ass – because they see you as superior.  It’s actually “not very cool” – to be honest.  It comes across as fake – and I’m sure many get tired of it.

People Just Ignored But not Worshiped

Well, I think a lot of white women living among blacks are respected, not humiliated – but they aren’t worshiped.

Inferior People

Some people have a tough time among other races – cause they’re not seen as the “best among their race”.

The most obnoxious self-righteous races – are massively obsessed with being perfect – so they highly shun – even people with problems they (the out-group people) weren’t responsible for (disability etc..).

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