Churches Create Racists

In fact, churches are obsessed with purity and stuff – so this can translate into racism. In fact, the racism in the South USA was highly fueled by churches – BECAUSE – it was the Bible Belt – just like it is now.

Well, I did mention the mainstream Bible book printed in the 60s – where The Curse of Ham was taken seriously – lol.

The Problem of the Weird Thing

Well, black and white comes across as weird in the south cause – blacks and whites generally don’t hang out – at least not in smaller towns – normally cause there are way less blacks.

And you know – whatever that is different is weird – ooooohh, Yuck, lol.  Yeah, that sound really snotty and stupid – but that’s often the way many people think.  In fact, they think like snotty lilly white Valley girls – lol.  Well, I did mention all the snotty-ness directed toward me in my rural county.

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One thought on “Churches Create Racists”

  1. One of the worst attrocities in Europe was Christian Franks killing Pagan Saxons. Such cruelty was disgusting and I feel some Frankish guilt about it. Christianizing Europe came at a heavy price.

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