You Don’t Need a Rough-and-Tumble Blue Collar Job

Nah, never mind what I said. However, mark my words, college degrees are getting tough as something to get jobs, and supermarket and fast food jobs simply don’t pay enough.

One solution is to simply get into internet marketing. But that’s tough without brains and a large bankroll. Yet you might be able to get loans.  I would focus on getting as many social media followers as possible. That’s the first step.

However, those are pretty easy to get, and they’re not too expensive (except for niches like web hosting), but they require sacrifice. But the 2nd step of contacting the leads, at least on Facebook, can be expensive.

It’s something like 10 to 20 cents for the followers and a dollar each to contact. The worst part, though is they simply may not want to buy your product despite the fact they like it. In fact, it would take a large bankroll to get past them, to the people  known as super-fans who will buy whatever you tell them to.

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