Why are Blacks Considered one of the Least Attractive Races?


Can you believe some of these comments?

Why is red red? Why is water wet? Why is air breathable?

Negroes are considered the least attractive across the world (even by their own) because they are.

😆  ha ha

If when you say “Blacks” you mean the Negro race, then it is obvious their features are the least attractive of all races.

This is because they are the descendants of Cain, who because of jealousy murdered Abel and then lied to the Lord and denied all. As punishment, Cain and his descendants were separated and marked to discourage intermarrying.

The worst of these racists are the religious ones, as with slaveholders cause not only are they being racist but they’re defacing and making a mockery of Christianity.

However, truth be told, I looked through a Bible Study book published in the South USA from the 60’s, and low and behold, they seriously mentioned the Curse of Ham as the reason for problems of Blacks.

When I look at blacks I see outdated farm equipment. Call me crazy…

Oh, the compassion – LOL.

Black skin usually meant you were a lower person, a peasant, and you worked in the fields, so that’s why you might see many Asians trying to lighten their skin. Anything that is dark means you are covered in dirt so you are unclean.

As for Black people, well, most are primitive, and it’s honestly on them to improve themselves. They don’t take responsibility for their actions but keep, odd word, but chimping out.

So it’s more that their attitudes turn people from them first and then also their looks. And if European men were stronger fathers, there’d hardly be any race-mixing or mass rapes by Black men on European women. I wouldn’t say women should be afraid of them, more like cautious and never go near them for their safety. And if a White man wants them to be next to a Black man, she should walk away from said White man.

This guy is from Texas? It’s so scary to imagine people with his views living in your neighborhood.

Summing it Up

What I find especially amusing and disturbing is despite all the access to modern media available now and the fact that obviously they have had contact with non-Whites probably as much as many people have, they still have these comically ignorant views.

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30 thoughts on “Why are Blacks Considered one of the Least Attractive Races?”

  1. “Black skin usually meant you were a lower person, a peasant, and you worked in the fields.”

    This is just an excuse. There are evolutionary reasons behind why light skin and Caucasian features are considered attractive. I don’t think Mongoloids are attractive either.

    I sent Robert an email about this subject, but he has yet to share his thoughts on it. What you will see throughout history is that men of a lighter races generally do not rape women of a darker race except in rare circumstances, and this is true in every part of the planet.

    1. This is all just massively subjective. However, it is true that the more manly a woman looks, the less men like her, and the more feminine a guy looks, perhaps the less women like him.

      However, it’s not too tough for people to look for like their gender. A lot of people are just lazy at personal appearance.

      1. Are you kidding me? Whilst it’s true that manly women are very unattractive, feminine faced men or men with feminine features are very very desirable by women everywhere. Heck Rockstars go for that androgynous look to get laid. They even wear mascara and lipstick. There was an article from 2002 I remember that had the headline “feminine face is the key to a woman’s heart” with pictures of Jude Law and Leo Di Caprio. I think if you’ll Google it it’ll still come up.

        Edit: here you go

        Whilst manly men are very attractive to women, many are actually turned off by huge muscles and manly traits. Whilst feminine looking guys are lusted after a lot. As long as the dudes not totally effiminate in mannerisms, if he has a feminine face but he works out and acts manly he will always get the girl, probably even over the macho guy. I am certain of this.

        1. Some men like tom-boys – like ones with a few muscles, dressing in boy clothes, somewhat masculine manner.

        2. I have a very pretty, pretty boy, feminine, even girly face. I don’t work out but it’s not necessary.

          I used to get me called gay a lot, if that’s why they were saying that. Frankly, I never understood why people ever thought I was gay. Never made any sense to me.

          Some people said it’s because of the way I walk, talk, sit, stand, hold a coffee cup, etc. So they are describing an effeminate man. But I see effeminate men and I think that behavior is horrible. I try very hard to not act that way because I think it’s horrible. It makes me pretty angry that people think I act like those guys.

          I attracted whole armies of gay men. I’m the biggest queerbait that ever lived.

          But women and girls have been going crazy for me since age 18, and it’s mostly about my Looks.

          I have always thought that it was my great Game skills that got me all those women, but one day I talked to a “Looks Theorist.” He was pushing a theory that Looks was the most important factor in attracting women. He told me that he’s read me and he knows that I think it’s my personality and Game that got women, he thinks it was all just down to Looks.

          and while that helps for sure, Game alone ain’t worth a hill of beans. Most of the women who fucked me in the past fucked a pretty face and even most who fell in love with me fell in love with a pretty face. As long as you are not a complete autist, the pretty boy look if you are in the top 10-20% of men can potentially kick ass all over the world. You can easily end with a 3-figure laycount if you work at it.

          I am not effeminate at all. Some say I am, but that pisses me off. I’m just soft. I have a very soft voice and I’m passive and pacifistic. Lot of people think that means gay but most men like that are straight. Most wimpy men are straight too. Few straight men are actually effeminate.

          1. Robert,

            You have described me to a T. My God, you are intelligent and observant unlike anyone I know.

            Not yanking my chain but I am very good looking. I can send you my face pics if you don’t believe. All throughout my 20s I was a pussy and a complete homebody. By my count, despite the fact that I hardly ever went out (anxiety), I have had around 20-25 women ask me out (And the idiot I was, I chickened out and said no!).

            Lost my virginity to a hooker, and since then I’ve had some success although absolutely nowhere near I should have. Its not even in double digits😢

            My problem is I don’t like the concept of Game, and I absolutely detest nightlife. Hate clubs, bars, and all that. House parties are best, but in my fantasies I hook up in libraries, walking dogs, in the day or afternoon.

            I have also been called gay especially by jealous unattractive men, which dented my confidence a lot. I still can’t get some of that shit out of my head. And yes, like you, I am a queerbait unlike anyone I know. My FB gets flooded with gay men friend requests. I hate it.

            I have a pretty face, long eyelashes, and pink lips. I can look at women, stare seductively, and 80 percent of the time they smile back.

            My only drawbacks (which are massive) are my inherent exquisite sensitivity – cannot take rejection, anxiety at night (strange because I am an excellent public speaker but hate night outs and clubbing), and just being happier being a homebody, which again is down to laziness. For me happiness is books, video games, and fantasizing. And years have passed by with me doing only these.

            I read one of your posts on how it’s the time to get sex when I am still young, for after a certain age, it will get worse. I must take chances and risks, not just in this department but regarding life and my future. I have also heard that pretty boys age poorly.

            I am also passive and a pacifist although I’d want to change that – the world is for the survival of the fittest. I am non-muscular but unlike you, I need to better this. I am an ectomorph and I must be strong, not just to further attract whamen but also give off a masculine “Don’t fuck with me” vibe.

  2. Just look throughout history. men of darker complexions covet the fairer women but not vice versa (men of lighter races going after darker women).

    1. I get your point about lighter complexions, but history shows clearly that men of lighter races have gone after darker women.

      1. Some have…Some who are into bestiality go after goats, sheep, dogs…Some who are pedophiles go after children…Nothing is 100% in anything. But generally, men of lighter races do not rape darker women…

        British ruled over more than half the planet, and they didn’t rape Black, or Brown or Mongoloid women except in rare occasions. Whites in America very rarely raped Black slaves. Israelis don’t rape Palestinians. Germans didn’t rape Jews (most of the Nazi rapes are lies and propaganda, as not only rape but consensual sex with Jewish women was prohibited and punishable by death in Nazi Germany).

        1. You said that historically, men of lighter races have not gone after darker women. That is simply false. Men of lighter races have pursued darker women wherever they encountered them. Rape isn’t the only way that men show their desire for women.

          1. Like I said, those are exceptions. White men still largely go after White women even if given the choice between White and other races. The White guys who go after Asian girls for example, are basically the ones that either can’t get a White woman or they want a traditional and more loyal partner, as White women are a bunch of egotistical, feminist, unfaithful whores these days.

          2. The White guys who go after Asian girls for example, are basically the ones that either can’t get a White woman or they want a traditional and more loyal partner

            I’ve dated Asian women and they were seriously hot. A lot of White guys just think they are sexy.

            Not really true at all.

          3. Robert, I’m guessing you never got into a relationship to settle down and take it seriously. Fornication is rife in America so relationships are basically a joke. Most white guys’ first choice would be a white woman. Asian girls are also huge whores and self-hating white worshippers. Even this white guy has multiple Asian girls messaging him.

            Even in India, Indonesian girls are coming here to marry Kashmiri guys. Asian girls will go for anything besides Asian men.

          4. I have had a number of long-term relationships in my life starting at age 40. Most averaged 6 months-1 1/2 years. One lasted 3 years. Another lasted 5 1/2 years.

          5. It’s unfortunate that this seems to be the norm in the West and is slowly becoming the norm in various other parts of the world due to the influence of western culture.

            No more traditional family, with the biological father and mother raising good kids. It’s a shame that despite India being a conservative society similar to the Middle East, our legal system is more similar to the West (due to British influence, I imagine).

            Adultery is not a crime. These are some things in which I strongly agree with the Taliban. They stone cheating whores to death. We need Taliban system in India. Stoning for adulterers and beheading for rapists.

          6. Thank you. He wants to rewrite history to cover up the wrongs some Whites have done when it comes to interracial sexuality.


          7. Hi Reyna:

            Actually he wishes to say that light-skinned people are superior to dark-skinned people. His way of demonstrating this is that darks rape lights (because they’re attractive I guess) but lights won’t rape darks (because they’re so ugly they’re “unrapeable.”). Basically White Supremacy in an Indian form with Indian LARPing as some Nordicist White Supremacist when he’s probably a darkie himself. He’s attempting to rationalize literal White Supremacy by using observable empiricism (science).

            LOL I’m sure no one has ever tried to do this before.

          1. I’ve butted heads with some ant kings. Whites that prefer being smart, attractive, or special among non-Whites. Not every race-mixer is like this, but they are especially common among flawed Whites.

            A trash White can thrive among non-Whites. As Tony Soprano told his son, being White is a positive feature. Black beauty is like coffee, put enough cream in it, almost anyone will like it sure as most men like Rashida Jones. Some like their coffee black though.

          2. I’ve butted heads with some ant kings. Whites that prefer being smart, attractive, or special among non-Whites. Not every race-mixer is like this but they are especially common among flawed Whites.

            A trash White can thrive among non-Whites. As Tony Soprano told his son, being White is a positive feature. Black beauty is like coffee, put enough cream in it almost anyone will like it. Sure as most men like Rashida Jones. Some like their coffee black though.

            Well, this can be ridiculous in some situations.

            However, it also occurs among high-IQ non-Whites like Asians. In fact, some bozos like ESL teachers get off on White worship in Asia.

            Now, among lower IQ groups, the White expat Southeast Asian whoremonger stands out. These guys are totally despicable but they live in a rock star illusion they are great and are doing the locals a favor. Anyway, it’s an easy trap to fall into.

  3. I used to prefer white women aesthetically, but in recent years have started to mostly like black women. I think black women are quite attractive. People saying black women are unattractive doesn’t really bother me anymore. It used to bother me when I felt the same way. But now that I don’t feel that way those comments are don’t mean anything to me.

    Even the African ones like this are sexy as fuck to me: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_gC5JBgzrk/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

    The things I would do to that woman…

    1. A lot of Black guys think Black women are bees’ knees. They would not feel that way if these women were objectively ugly. I will admit. I guess I am a racist. But I am not that attracted to Black women with serious African features. Just not into it.

      I like em more mixed than that, and Black women are already 25% White on average anyway. I think there’s a lot of hot Black women out there. And there are many mulattas or mixed race women around now and a lot of them are seriously hot.

      1. Strong African looks may be something of an acquired taste. I didn’t use to like them but am finding African women more attractive than I used to. The very dark skin is quite sexy to me. Only think I don’t like are wide and flat noses, but I’m noticing that not even all west African women have a wide flat nose. Many do but some don’t. It doesn’t bother me at all if other races of men aren’t attracted to black women. I think they just haven’t acquired the taste for them and are often socialized to find those features unattractive.

  4. I’m more body focused lately with everyone wearing masks and some black women have great bods. They often have strong features like prognathism which I actually prefer on non-Whites.

  5. It’s my opinion that some looks are more popular but that doesn’t mean looks aren’t subjective. That’s why as well as being cruel, it’s simply unscientific and flat out a lie to call people ugly.

    Anyway, it’s also biased based on the culture you grew up in.

  6. I think Indian is a racist Southern white man disguised as an Indian to make disparaging remarks about Black and Brown women without reproof. Tell me if I’m wrong.


    1. No, he’s an Indian. I talked to him many times via email. He’s absolutely an Indian man living in India.

      It may be difficult for Blacks to swallow, but racist Whites are not the only folks who dislike them. In fact, Indians are notoriously racist against Blacks, far worse than Whites in the US right now. Ask Blacks who have gone there. Many Blacks are telling other Blacks not to go there.

      PS I am so glad you are on this site! We try not to be racist in the ugly sense here, but sometimes we might screw up. If you notice me doing that, please point it out to me, ok? Preferably by email. Alpha does that to me and she hasn’t had to spank me in a long time because I’m so scared of her that I police my prose real well. I want to be a good boy, at least as far as nasty racism is concerned. That stuff is just ugly.

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