White Suicidality and the Odd Specter of the Indian Hindu Nordicist, of All Things

We have yet another Indian Nordicist posting away in the comments section. With all due respect to the commenter, these guys crack me up. Why are all these light-skinned Indian wannabe Whites Nordicists for God’s sake? Remember the commenter Swedish Shit? Note that he chose Sweden. He lived in the UK but for a while there, he was lying and saying he was living in Sweden. Before that he had some name with words like Snow or White in it.

All of these Indian wannabe Whites are Nordicists. Hell, they are worse than Northern and Western Europeans themselves and their descendants here in North America (let’s call them WASPs for short though technically most are not).

Most Northern and Western European Whites in the US (I include myself here) gave up on Nordicism long ago. If you bring up some crap like “Italians aren’t White,” these Americans will dismiss you, saying, “Oh, that’s old-fashioned.”

Among the culturally liberal WASPs I grew up, Nordicism was extremely unpopular. The beach assimilated everyone. Pick up a surfboard, ride the waves, smoke joints, grow your hair long, fuck surfer chicks, and you’re “White” by default. Americans with Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Greek, Hispanic, or even Filipino ancestry were all pretty much assimilated into “Whites with some funny genetics.”

Because everyone simply acted White, no one cared about race and bringing it up was extremely taboo and majorly uncool. When all the groups act the  same, there’s no racism. Racism stems from difference, and different behaviors are prominent in that.

That’s why we Whites would rather hang with a middle class Black than a White wigger with his cap on backwards. The Black guy is basically “White” as far as we are concerned, and the  wigger is Black. Worse, he’s nothing but a nigger,  a White nigger, sure, but a nigger nonetheless!

A lot of the people I hang around would effectively evict him from the White race. We do this with some Whites, especially serious wiggers or scumbags.We simply inform them that they are no longer White and we start calling them niggers or making racist plays on words around  their names. As an example, there was a guy, a real scumbag who fell very low, named Meglar. That wasn’t his name, that was obviously just his nickname. Long story but anyway, moving on…

At one point, we informed him solemnly that he was no longer a member of the White race and he was now officially Black as far as we were concerned. We started making puns on his name, calling Nigler instead of Meglar. As with most White scumbags, criminals, drug addicts, and jailbirds, he was a major anti-Black racist, but not as bad as the WN kind.

So it’s a supreme insult to tell these working class White racists that they are no longer White and they are now Black; worse they are actual niggers. This with the knowledge that tens of millions of Blacks in the US are absolutely not niggers at all, and good for them.

I don’t even want to take a guess on the nigger population because I want to throw most Ghetto or really normative Black culture into that category, and I don’t like to call vast numbers of members of a race by racial slurs. It feels, you know, racist. And we liberals are viscerally uncomfortable with engaging in what we would call racist behavior. It’s a yuck factor.

After his eviction from our people, we’d tell him to move to Detroit to be around his own kind. And there’s some social race right there, exactly like the Brazilian kind.

We at the beach were practicing social race all the way back in the 1960’s. It’s not peculiar to South America, you know. Sure, there are a few Nordicists out there in my crowd, but people regard them as silly, weird, crazy, or awful. For instance, I have seen them tell Sicilians they are not White, and the Sicilian acted like he was going to punch the Nordicist’s face. A typical reaction with the crowd I hang with, and this was in an  all-White town.

Stormfronters and White Nationalist morons completely blew it by not giving up on Nordicism. White politics will never get anywhere unless you include the Meds and the Armenians, Georgians, Finns, Saami, Iranians, White Arabs, White Berbers, Turks, Albanians, certain people of the Stans and some Uighurs, a select few Afghans, Pakistanis and even Northern Indians, and yes, even Jews at the very least.

The notion that Jews are not White has always been a feint. Of course they are White. In fact, Jews are some of the Whitest Whites of all, as they have almost zero Black in them. Most European races absolutely have some Black in them. Germans have 1.5

WN’s never figured out that the more people you invite to the party, the better of a bash it is. They want to create a White state while hating most of the White people on Earth and calling them non-Whites. Good luck with that!

Sure, SJW Whites are suicidal, that’s obvious. But note that the White tendency towards suicidality extends all the way to the Mighty Whiteys themselves who condemn the racial suicidality of the liberal Whites.

So look. The WN’s are suicidal too. They want to preserve the White race while hating most Whites and casting them out of the race, leaving only a minority group that is actually really and truly pure White. WN’s gatekeep worse than Studio 54 in 1978.

You throw a party, then you throw most of the people out claiming that they weren’t invited and special enough to get in. That’s a good recipe for a crappy party, not to mention a few fistfights or worse around the keg.

Whites: the suicidal race. Prove me wrong!

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10 thoughts on “White Suicidality and the Odd Specter of the Indian Hindu Nordicist, of All Things”

  1. I believe Jews often adopted the Canaanite cults before Romanization. They adopted art from Phoenicians and Egyptians too. You’ve rightly called them pissants. A pissant that crawled on that sandwich in ancient times. I’m not a prude with who’s White, but I get why WN’s don’t want Jews in the club.

    The Whitest Ashkenazi Jews seem the most troublesome. On a dating site, many of the Jews looked like Hitler Youth. Imagine a high-IQ sheep turning on the generally lower IQ flock. The subversive sheep blending in is worse, all the easier to deceive the gentle Gentile sheep.

    1. Found a funny comment of this shitskin wannabe-White Indian Fylindfotberserk:

      “I was born in Meghalaya. I stayed in Meghalaya, West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim, Punjab, Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, have touched Kerala, J & K, Madhya Pradesh. I’m of Saraswat origin with some old Indo-Scythian like ancestry. Forefathers migrated to Bengal region during British period.”

      LOL what an insecure pathetic loser.

  2. Nordics are the opposite of Indians. Clean water, buildings, streets, and people in the North of Europe. Europe itself is cleaner than India by leaps and bounds. The Indians there – Gypsies – still run through puddles of shit like they do back home in India.

    Nordic men seem the most mellow in Europe, like they orgasmed enough in Viking times. I’ve yet to meet a Nordic Nordicist. They’re like elves in the Northern Woods with nothing to prove.

  3. Stormfronters are to SJWs as Hindu Nordicists are to Aryan Invasion deniers. Ha! Maybe they’re Nordic after all. I, a Mediterranean Nordicist, completely agree that Cultural Nordicism has to be abandoned for creating false diversity. After all, if it isn’t, I would have to sit in the back of the bus.

    Scientific Nordicism is legitimate, however. We must explain why Northern Europeans and the French are so damned scientifically prolific. I’m sure it’s partially genetic. However, I have a hunch – no proof whatsoever – that it can mostly be explained linguistically.

    I’m a native speaker of Romance and Germanic tongues. My hunch has always been that morphologically deficient Germanic languages facilitate thinking via noun compounding and on-the-fly back-and-forth part of speech derivations without the need for stem alternations. Nominal declensions are fine though so long as the word ending forms are not restrictive as they are in romance.

    If this is the case, expect great scientific contributions in the near future from the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. They are culturally pig-headed but have no restrictions on noun shapes and can compound and derive without stem alternations. In fact, there has been a post-WWII uptick in Japanese Nobel Laureates.

    The Saphir-Whorf hypothesis should be resuscitated. But I have a feeling that I’d have an easier time in Academia justifying Nordicism genetically than with linguistic relativism.

    Any takers?

    1. Sapir-Whorf*

      “Nominal declensions are fine…”

      What I mean is that the lemma must be a bare unmarked stem like the English singular or the German nominative singular. Unlike the Spanish singular.

      For example: DOG, dogs


      HUND, hunde, hundes, hunden


      perro, perros, perra, perras. PERR*, is ungrammatical.

  4. It’s because of people like @Robert Lindsay in his youth – no offense – but I hate people, generally. Myself, I don’t go around and pick on people who are different except people who ALSO pick on people who are different, and then I would do that online – lol.

    I guess it’s cowardly. Should I bully real racists for kicks – you know, just like they bully those they hate, even in public, all the time?

  5. This Nordicism was all done by Nazi Germans who think they are some master race which came into existence 170 years ago. Hell, they even try to club the English language in with Germanic antiquity, whereas English is closer to Anglo-Frisian, and after the Norman conquest, French words shaped Modern English.

    Only Scandinavian countries are Nordic. I don’t know why Germany is even part of it. And as far as the Nordic gods were known, the Norse Dynasty or the Viking ancestors they worshiped were the then-ruling classes who were kings in those days, a long long time back. An Icelandic poet said that they were Aesirs or men of Asia, and the mythos of Thor and Odin were created.

  6. They may be the caste Brahmins who themselves deny Aryan Invasion Theory from Central Asia but want to pass amongst Vikings!!!!

    These Brahmins will not be considered Caucasian or White if their taxonomy is done. Caste is the reason of their survival in India, and BJP gives them preference.

    Yes, the Nordic race did invade the northern regions of the subcontinent from Central Asia, but they were not blue-eyed and blond-haired, rather dark-skinned tanned Med South Russians from Andronovo, who were Corded Ware Nordics during the Battle Axe culture, and they were Bronze Age Northerners.

    Indian Brahmins are not even closer to these anyways.

    1. Hi, welcome to the site. Please capitalize all proper nouns, ok? That you for your cooperation.

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