The People Who Heckle

@Robert Lindsay was that type as a youth – a lot of kids are – and a lot of adults still do it. In other words, for instance, they will shout “Nigger!” at people out their car windows. They will talk out of the side-of-their-mouth, calling people pussies, fags but not to their face, always with the face not directly looking at them, or at least a good deal away in a kind of “hit and run” fashion.

Anyway, I have never been like this – EVER. Not saying I’m a saint, but rest assured, I would confront anyone like that to their face strongly.

However, I am more likely to engage in this stuff online, which is rather cowardly. But then again, I’m just not used to aggressively going after enemies in public. Well, it would seem dumb because I never have any buddies along, and even by myself, it would seem strange – sort of “out of character.”

Some practice:

I go to a supermarket checkout line, spot some cocksucker who is the type who would harass me, say softly behind his back, “You fucking redneck”, and then when he turns his head, act like I didn’t see him!

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