Jews Were Banned from the Trades

They were banned from trades that allowed for Christian respectability.

Anyway, they’re kind of similar to me in that my inability to get along with people keeps me out of jobs. It also keeps me hiding away, and that causes me to be more into deviancy (a Jewish stereotype). I’d be a lot less into porn if I wasn’t in my room all the time -lol!

I’m forced into internet marketing, another city-slicker/uppity thing that blue-collar people and anti-Semites despise. They think it’s just an excuse. Yeah, it is – because I’m hiding. However, I am actually real good at it. I’m on the verge of something big,though now I am only in Phase 2 of trying to reach the super-fans, and that’s the test of man-geekhood. It’s really trying time – like going through Army boot camp.

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