Alt Left: How About Voluntary Gay and Lesbian High Schools for Gay and Lesbian Teens?

Oli S: It’s interesting how often they make claims about pederasty/pedophilia from two angles. First they claim that gay people are more likely to be ‘molested’ into homosexuality and next that homosexuals themselves are more likely to engage in relationships with young people.

The critical flaw is that all the research on this shows higher rates, but it’s quite clearly attributed to the fact that gay teenagers don’t have many options their own age. They don’t want to risk being outed to their peers, so they turn to the Internet to find a sexual experience where they can be targeted by a predator.

Oli is apparently a new commenter here.

I have no idea his orientation and it’s probably not important, but how readers would feel about voluntary separate gay and lesbian high schools? They would not have to worry about peer pressure and being outed. You could even staff Administration ion with mostly gay and lesbian administrators and the teaching staff with gay and lesbian teachers, of which there are no shortages, trust me as I spent years working in the field.

Gay and lesbian teens could no longer complain about lack of sex partners and having to resort to sex with adults, particularly in the case of the boys.

However, I can see the sex scandals starting already.The gay teachers and admins will not keep their hands off the gay boys and girls. So this is the huge roadblock in favor of this plan.

They call me a homophobe. Fine. Now what sort of homophobe would support the idea of separate gay/lesbian schools – voluntary of course – to protect, nurture, and grow healthier gay and lesbian teens who hopefully transit into healthier gay and lesbian adults, which is something I very much support?

Because God knows the GLBT community definitely needs a dose of mental health. Gays and lesbians in general in the US and worldwide are not particularly mentally healthy. This does translate into societal problems, possibly feeding disease epidemics.

The suicide rate for gay and lesbian teens is not elevated, but the rate for adult gays and lesbians is off the charts. Up to 1/3 of suicides in some younger decadal cohorts (such as 30’s and 40’s) occur in gays and lesbians.


Gay men and lesbians see their lifespans shortened by an incredible 20 years. I don’t think being homosexual per se is a death cult, but the gay and lesbian lifestyle (especially the former) sure seems that way. Heck, it’s more of a deathstyle than a lifestyle.

The anti-gay Religious Right is actually correct in a lot of the charges they make about homosexuality. The critique is largely fact-based. The problem with these folks is not that they lie about gays and lesbians because for the most part they tell the sorry truth.

The problem instead is that they are haters. I agree with most of the charges the social conservatives level against homosexuality, but I don’t hate gays and lesbians because of it. That’s a choice the Religious Right makes, and yeah, they do hate gays and lesbians for the most part, though if a gay or lesbian gets into one of their fake conversion programs, no doubt Religious Right folks might be very kind to them. Love the sinner, hate the sin, and all that.

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11 thoughts on “Alt Left: How About Voluntary Gay and Lesbian High Schools for Gay and Lesbian Teens?”

  1. Honestly, @Robert Lindsay, no offense – you commented in another article that “separate schools” for the different were cowardly.

    1. Oh, well, maybe I take that back now.

      But gay teens can’t change. They’re still gay. The others being bullied can often change their behavior, and bullying can make them change.

      1. Well, this would be similar how different races can’t change. However, who’s arguing for segregation?

        Anyway, when places get too rough, many just leave. That’s one reason different types tend to move to neighborhoods of the same type.

        1. Slavery as a lifesaver. A controversial view but when I see people on a destructive path or dead, I wonder if they’d of been better off as slaves of a kindhearted master. People typically doomed to fail would be given a chance at life.

          1. I’d never approve of any sort of slavery, but I had an article up at one time called “Prison Is Good for Black Men.” Of course the Black IP types went nuts over it, but the piece was factual. If you look at inner cities, Blacks in prison actually have a longer lifespan than those outside of prison living in the ghetto. So in that sense, prison is actually good for them as it prolongs life!

          2. When a beautiful young woman dies or goes down a dark path, it’s especially sad. This is when the thought of taking control as a loving father would arise.

            Of course many out of control people could benefit from being controlled. Maybe call it something more palatable to the Cultural Left like indentured servitude. A catch and release program. Let the women off the island when they mature. Let the Blacks out of prison when their testosterone levels are low. Let gays out of the padded room when they are not self-harming.

          3. There’s always a battle between freedom and what’s best. I mean, for instance, people are outraged over government control over Covid-19, but always, with less freedom comes more safety.

            Anyway, if people were arguing for feminist rule which would ban a lot of male fun, then certain pro-slavery types would be saying something different.

            Well, likewise, we could say, “Yeah, Blacks would be safer with slavery or prison.” O.K., but what if you were black? How would you feel about that? You would feel the same as some porn-loving guy ruled over by feminists. Think about it.

          4. We’ve evolved past slavery since that old post. If given a choice between temporary servitude or probable death, I’d choose life.

  2. Have you ever heard of gay-germ theory? To me, it seems like the only theory on the cause of homosexuality that makes sense (because science has basically shown that both “born that way” and “its a choice” are false).

    1. Yes, don’t buy it. I believe it is a developmental disorder related to hormone levels in the womb. And there is some interesting data for that theory, too.

  3. Watched a documentary on a Jewish couple that owned a gay porn shop. The woman owner was a religious Jew and thought her son being gay was God punishing her for the porn shop. She seemed out of her element walking around asking sex toy salesman “Is that gay?” Many Jews may be conflicted like this.

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