Why Do People Despise Blue Collar Work?


To sum up this interesting article: it’s saying, and truthfully, that:

  • All jobs are sometimes boring and office jobs can be more boring than tough guy ones.
  • Our society is too obsessed with cleanliness.
  • People who work with their hands aren’t necessarily dumb or even anti-intellectual.

I see no problem with people going to college – in fact, all people. But why can’t some people do both? Ironically enough, with the wages gotten from blue-collar these days, college would be actually more affordable to blue-collar people – minus any government aid.

Why are we giving out government aid to college students considering they fuck up anyway and/or they cannot improve their life with an earned degree?

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5 thoughts on “Why Do People Despise Blue Collar Work?”

  1. I like the article at Art of Manliness and I like Mike Rowe’s efforts to get people to appreciate the trades. One thing that people sometimes overlook, though, in these discussions is that quite a few blue-collar parents have steered their own kids away from blue-collar work, especially some of the dirtiest jobs.

    Plenty of people who worked those jobs wanted their kids to have it much easier – and that meant getting their kids into college. (Things have now probably gone too far in that direction.)

    1. Yeah, but the irony – is that if more people did get into them, wages would go down. For instance, math degrees are worth a lot – simply cause nobody can do it.

  2. Um, hey Jason. All this talk of the worthlessness of college degrees. But you got one, right? So was it worthless?

    Also all this talk about how all these guys should blow off college because it’s lame and go into the trades themselves. And all these posts about how guys are losers because they are too dumb to pass the exams needed to gain a trade. Ok, fine.

    Why don’t you go out and get a trades job yourself if they’re so wonderful? I mean you go on and on about how guys should get one, is there a reason why you couldn’t get one yourself.

    These posts seem to be one of these “let me recommend something I don’t even do myself” things.

    1. A lot of these guys are massively bigmouths on social media all the time. It’s very annoying and of course, they’re all attracted to White Nationalism to various degrees. Therefore, their loudmouth behavior seems to be a case of massive scapegoating even if illegal immigration is wrong and also if gay, female, and non-White rights have gone amok.

      Well, you got me there. I don’t want to work those jobs because I figure I’ll run into Doyle on Slingblade – lol. That would lead to a fight because I cannot get along with those types. Fight, then lost job. So I wouldn’t seem to gain much from it.

      But then again, I can’t stand people anywhere, so unless it’s a truck driver or some other loner job, I doubt it would be different.


      I’m either fighting these people or being their puppet or entertainment. Never been able to generate respect from those types or at least, you know, the psycho minority among them.

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