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It’s certainly a reasonable question, as White nationalists in general answer a resounding “No!” to that question. But even they are funny. Stormfront threw out 300 Armenians on the grounds that they were non-White. However, this decision was very controversial, and after a while, the Armenians were quietly let back in.

They have a Pan-Europeanist policy, which is one of the few noble things about that site.

Recently there were a lot of Iranians on the site, and though I believe Stormfront does officially state that Iranians are not White, there has been a quiet hands-off “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about them, and the Stormfronters quietly let the Iranians stay in what boils down to an open secret. In other words, Stormfront officially states that Iranians are not White, but unofficially, they turn a blind eye to Iranians joining and even organizing themselves on the site.

Iranians are funny people. In 1978, I drove an ice cream truck for a living. There were a bunch of Iranians were who driving trucks too. We were all sort of budding capitalists. You lease the truck every day, buy your ice cream, mark it up, and hope for the best. A lot of us supplemented our incomes by selling dope, including me.

The Iranians were very good at this, selling joints for $1 each mostly to the many Mexicans in the parks of Santa Ana (Santa Ana was a heavily Mexican city even 30 years ago).

Once at the end of the day (we lined up at the end of the day to have our coins rolled and get our payout in easy cash) I asked them if they were Arabs. They were adamant. “We are not Arabs!” Later I learned that they don’t like Arabs much. It’s a superior versus inferior thing. The Iranians think they are better and that the Arabs are inferior, a bunch of animals.

At worst, Iranian nationalists call them “lizard-eating Mohammadens.” Image is heathen Arab Muslims charging out of the deserts of Arabia to destroy the great and proud Iranian culture. And it’s true that the Muslims did devastate Iranian culture, but they did this to all non-Muslim cultures they encountered. After all they were Jahiliyyah or grounded in ignorance.

The modern Islamic state has reinstated this view, downplaying traditional Iranian culture, making Arabic practically a 2nd official language, etc., all of this infuriating Iranian nationalists.

The real hardcore Iranian nationalists often abandon Islam altogether and claim to be Zoroastrians, the true ancient religion of Iran.

Iranian nationalists are interesting people.

Iranian nationalists hate Arabs, so you might think they like Jews, but they hate Jews about as much as they hate Arabs. They especially hate Israel. “Marg bar Israel!” is a common cry on Iranian forms (“Death to Israel!”) And the guys yelling this stuff were older professional guys in their 40’s with young kids, secular, and while respectful of Islam, not very religious.

Why the hatred of Israel? Probably, if you are an Iranian nationalist, even a secular one, Israel is seen as your mortal enemy. That’s a logical assumption.

The harder-core Iranian nationalists also dislike Pan-Turkic types, since the Turanian lunatics usually claim some or all of Iran.

The saner Iranian nationalists hate not Arabs but Arab nationalism. Arab nationalism is funny. It’s Leftist, secular, supposedly anti-racist, but they are bristling with hatred for Iranians. Saddam Hussein’s Arab nationalist uncle, who profoundly effected his views, wrote a famous tract, somewhat humorously titled, Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Jews, Persians and Flies.

The hatred of Arabs towards Persians is similar to that of Gentiles towards Jews or Blacks towards Whites: resentment against a group that thinks they are superior. A common claim, similar to anti-Semitism, among Whites is, “The Iranians are trying to dominate the Arab World!” It’s true that the Iranians opposed Arab nationalism, but who could blame them? The Pan-Arabists were a bunch of anti-Iranian racist shits.

What’s funny about this is that there are Iranian genes running all through the Arabs of the Levant, Mesopotamia and Arabia. It is particularly the case with the Mesopotamian Arabs. The Arab Shia in Southern Iraq have a lot of Iranian blood. One of the reasons Saddam persecuted them so harshly is he thought that they were Iranian fifth columnists. In general, it wasn’t really true, but there was reason to be concerned.

In recent years, as Iran and its Shia allies have turned into the greatest defenders of the Palestinians, the Arab nationalists are in a tough spot. They hate Iran, but how can they deny that Iran is the best defender of the Palestinians in the pitiful and sold-out Arab and Muslim world? There are particular conflicts with Hamas, a Sunni fundamentalist group which is strangely also pro-Iran, and Hezbollah, whose defense of the Palestinians puts the Sunni Arabs to shame.

These realities have forced the Sunnis into all sorts of cognitive dissonance that as usual does not make much sense.

I’ve known a few Iranians. They definitely look like White people. Their skin is often very pale White, especially the females (Why is that?). Some charts strangely enough put them right next to British, Danes and Norwegians genetically. No one knows what to make of it, but we were all together in Southern Russia 4,500 years ago. Some of us took off south to Iran, and others went into Europeans to constitute the modern Europeans. We are born of the same modern roots.

I’ve asked a few Iranians, “You’re White like us, right?” You might think they would get pissed, but they usually give an instant yes or break into a huge smile. They clearly consider themselves “Europeans outside or Europe.” One even told me explicitly that.

Scientifically, it’s an reasonable assumption.

Genetically, Iranians probably have little if any Black in them. Your average German has more Black in them than an Iranian. They do have some Asiatic genes, but probably not many.

The Iranians are actually an interesting link to populations further east. There is a close link between Italians and Iranians (Italians are probably the closest Europeans to Iranians) and then there is another close link between Iranians and Indians, especially North Indians.

So the linkage goes like this (all groups separated by only one arrow are closely linked, but groups separated by more than one arrow are not so close):

Core Europeans -> Italians -> Iranians -> North Indians

So, neither core Europeans nor Italians are all that close to North Indians per se, they can become closer to them through this linkage process.

Iranian genes are common in the region, even outside of Arabia. Many Afghans have Iranian blood and it’s quite common in Pakistanis too. There is a lot of Iranian blood in the Caucasus. Most of your Chechen, Dagestani, Ingush, etc. types seem to derive from some sort of Iranian-Turkish mix. The Ossetians are actually a transplanted Iranian group living in Russia and speaking a language related to Iranian.

There is Iranian blood running through the Stans – Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It’s probably most prominent in Tajikistan.

Persians are only 51

The Kurds and Balochis have serious separatist tendencies. The Arabs (Ahvaz) just fight for more rights as an oppressed minority. Azeri separatism has not really gone anywhere, since the Azeris are actually a dominant minority in Iran! The Talysh have separatist tendencies, but in Azerbaijan, not in Iran.

I don’t support the separatism of the Balochis and Kurds in Iran as long as Iran is under imperialist assault, but if this were not the case, I would think they deserve the right to self-determination. Iran is correct to suppress Arab separatism and the desire to take Iran’s oil and gas wealth with them to a separate state.

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9 thoughts on “Repost: Are Iranians White?”

  1. “Their skin is often very pale White, especially the females (Why is that?).”

    I have many female cousins in Latin America who are mixed raced and have whiter skin than I, despite not being whiter than I based on genes. I think women are just meant to be sex toys. Everything from orgasms to accidental genius-level IQ are mere accidents of nature. I’m not sure what to make of women.

    “I’ve asked a few Iranians, “You’re White like us, right?” You might think they would get pissed, but they usually give an instant yes or break into a huge smile. They clearly consider themselves ‘Europeans outside of Europe’. One even told me explicitly that.”

    My ethically Persian Iranian friend (Muslim, non-Jewish, Kurdish, or Arab) told me he’s White. I believe him despite his brown skin.

  2. Doesn’t “Iran” mean “Aryan” in Farsi? I’m surprised that wasn’t mentioned. The polemic is dead on as to how Iranians view themselves. Didn’t know the % of Persians had dipped below 60%. That number was always bandied about (maybe by the Persians themselves, who view Iran as “our” civilization, established by Cyrus the Great himself). Isn’t “supreme leader” Khameini Azeri himself?

    1. There’s no “Aryan” word in other languages. It’s a Sanskrit word. Iran is not land of Aryans. India in ancient times was referred to as Aryavarta or Aryana, meaning Land of Aryans. Hindu is not even the right word to describe Indians since it’s a Persian word. The right term is Arya or Arya Dharma, and the people who follow this dharma (religion) are referred to as Aryans.

      Iranians are wannabe Whites so they buy into the whole Aryan nonsense. What happened is that during the 19th century, German and British anthropologists made several theories in order to explain the linguistic similarities between the people of India and Europe, so they came up with these theories about how Europeans must have migrated to India and introduced these things to them.

      The word Aryan and the Swastika are both Indian/Vedic. Europeans too have a habit of stealing from other countries.

      Most Iranians are just light skinned. Being light skinned =/= white. There are many light skinned Mexicans, and they too are distinguishable from Whites. Most White people can even tell Jews apart from whites.

      The thing with these wannabe Whites is that they will always show the lighter people in their community and ignore the darker ones.

    2. He is indeed Azeri. So was Ahmadinejad. The Azeris have always run the business community in Iran as the Sunnis have in Syria. Neither group is oppressed in that sense. However, Iranian language policy is horrible but so is Syria’s for that matter. Iranian language policy is pure Persian chauvinism and even Azeris like Khameini push it.

      Really all of the Arab/Muslim world has horrendous language policy for the most part. Why that is I am not quite sure but the whole issue of language rights is part of the progressive human rights package mostly out of Europe (though the Chinese have done a good job too).

      Yes, it is down to 51%. They probably don’t want to admit this as they are rather chauvinist and unfortunately tend to conflate the Persian nationality with the Iranian nation-state. Most Iranians you meet here are absolutely Persian.

      1. I’ve heard Indians called chimpanzees by a respected Indian poster here. I’ve met big black ladies that compared themselves to gorillas. I’ve found many phenotype matches of Iranians and Europeans. They can be as White as vanilla icecream.

        1. So can Indians, Afghans, Arabs and others. Iranians are nothing special. Some are White passing but most are brown. White passing is not exactly White either.

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