On the Difficult Case of Saint Henry Ford

I admit I am a bit of an antisemite. Not too much of one! Nazis are evil! But just a bit. You know those recipes that call for a “pinch” of this or that? I mean not 1/4 or even 1/8 of teaspoon. Less than even that! Well, that’s how antisemitic I am. Just a pinch.

Actually I think all Gentiles should be. Judeophilia is stupid as blind love for any race is stupid. No race should be worshiped blindly. We are all humans, and all human races are a bit evil or have that potential simply on account of being made up of humans, as humans are at least a bit evil, and that’s on a good day!

And as a “pinch antisemite” type, I have chosen to worship Saint Henry Ford as one of my antisemite secular Gods. Feel free to hate on me for that. I’m used to it.

Saint Ford was not perfect. No saint is, not even Saint Jesus. St. Ford’s scriptures, the long-running, Hadith-like commentaries in the great Dearborn Independent, are actually excellent and hardly antisemitic at all. They’re just one endless cynical and exasperated lament at the typically terrible Jewish behavior of the times. Check them out if you can dig them up. Fascinating stuff.

His greatest scriptural document, The International Jew, was excellent and was not even particularly antisemitic at all. In fact as antisemitic documents go, it’s one of the mildest and least offensive ones ever written. Antisemitic speech tends to be nasty as Hell, often murderous and not uncommonly genocidal. TIJ is neither. Further, it was written with a kind heart in the spirit of racial peace. It was actually an early antiracist tract!

He was mostly just exasperated with Jews for being such separatist, selfish, and Other-hating jerks. TIJ was a call for Jews to knock off the Gentile-hatred and especially the Jewish Ethnic Wars against the Gentiles, which were quite hot at that time.

At one point in the book his exasperation is clear. He points out that he never supported one pogrom and thought that pogroms were sickening and horrible. He called for the Jews to stop fighting us and smoke the peace pipe. He said Jews were too busy being Jews to be real Americans, and that was sad and frustrating.

Quit being Jews and start being Americans instead was the message. In other words, TIJ and even The Dearborn Independent are just a couple more works in favor of the assimilation of the Jews, which is generally a good and even progressive thing anyway. Unassimilated Jews don’t act real great. Face it.

Come,  Jews! Come join us Gentiles in building a better America!

Henry Ford, The International Jew

What a beautiful, albeit exasperated, remark! Of course the Jews didn’t listen, and I’m still not sure if they have joined the rest of us here in the US or not. I wish to believe they have, but I do wonder.

But even this scripture, TIJ, is flawed. Ford believed in the Czarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a hate book that led to the murders of a lot of Jews. That book is just stupid.

And no, Jews don’t “act like that anyway even if it’s a forgery.” Bad argument. It’s just a stupid and wrong bit of hate speech and hate lie that killed a lot of people. Nasty stuff. Well, St. Ford ignorantly believed the Protocols. Dumb, almost criminal stupidity. His later meetings with Hitler were downright stupid too and even ignorantly wicked. He accepted the genocidal maniac Hitler’s praises, and that was more criminal idiocy.

He paid for it when the Jews tried to murder him by running his car off the road in the mid- 1930’s. Most people don’t know this and the Jews will scream, deny it and call you an antisemite for bringing it up, but oh yeah, it definitely happened all right. He almost died. He eased up on the Jews after, which I guess was smart.

My former Jewish girlfriend and I really split on the subject on St. Ford. Usually she agreed with everything I said about Jews and then one-upped me to go beyond that. Jews are profoundly antisemitic themselves as the sin is currently defined.

I defended St. Ford and boy was she mad. She really hated him. She grew up in Detroit and St. Ford was Antisemite Enemy #1 to Detroit Jews.

We had a fun relationship. During the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1996, I openly supported Hezbollah and cheered them on right to her face. She would just laugh, tell me to shut up, and defend Israel. I’d say, “Go Hezbollah go!”, she’d laugh and retort and the match was on. Good times!

Once I asked her why she was defending Israel, and she thought a bit and said, “I ‘m defending my people.” Great answer. Nothing wrong with defending or supporting your people. Racial self-haters are rather disgusting to me. I even with Blacks to take pride in themselves.

Sure, Blacks are fucked up. Duh. But are you, a good Black person, fucked up too? Well, of course not. Then take pride in being a Great Black Man or Woman, whichever it is. Pride is always admirable and groveling is always disgusting, no matter the race or ethnicity.

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14 thoughts on “On the Difficult Case of Saint Henry Ford”

  1. I grew up in an Orthodox and Bukharin Jewish neighborhood. Black suits, hair braids and all. I have never met a single person in the world who likes Jews. I feel perfectly happy and comfortable around Jews as I do around Gentiles.

    Yet I don’t like Jews as a group. But I don’t hate them, I just don’t like them. I have had many Jewish friends and know people who know and like individual Jews. Everyone I’ve met is anti-Semitic to some degree. Jews make a point and take a strange pride in being unlovable.

  2. This is a great Bollywood film about the Jews. I think you may like it.

    “Yahoodi” is Hindi for Jew. It’s a very old film and it’s not like the cringeworthy nonsense we see in Indian films most of the time. It’s about the Jews under the Roman Empire. There are English subtitles available under captions.

    I love old films. They make you wonder how people thought back in those days and how they would have made those films with limited technology and less budget.

  3. It’s as if they are saying, “Look, O Gentiles! We can poke, prod, and push your buttons. You may even try to kill us. You’ll come close. But God will always save us. After all, it’s He who aides you in killing us.”

    The Old Testament is the most anti-Semitic thing I have ever read. Even the Quran is slightly less so. Mein Kampf is gene-based antisemitism. The Tanakh is sin-based. Can’t trump that.

      1. In the sense that whenever the Jews fuck-up, God “diminishes” them. In other words, God kills or increases Jews based on their actions. Which is the same stance non-Jews take towards them. Hitler’s anti-Semitism , although formally defines them as being racially inferior, is merely a social reaction to their behavior.

        Btw, I’m not fundamentally anti-Semitic. I wouldn’t kill Jews even if they were sinners. But Tanakh Jehovah thinks otherwise.

        I think the King James Bible translation of the Old Testament, which is a Masoreric-based Bible, should be compulsory reading. It needs to be read non-stop from 5th grade until death. It only makes sense after multiple readings. This is partially the reason Jews always have an upper hand: they are obsessed with the Tanakh.

        1. The biblical stories are unbelievably fantastical to help sell the idea of tribal solipsism. If the Old Testament had been written in plain instructional format, it wouldn’t be compelling at all. One could chop it down to the ten commandments, proverbs, and maybe psalms.

          A jealous God with magical fruit trees and unicorns who almost arbitrarily chose one group of people from His own creation is pure literally genius! No sarcasm here.

          Group A: Jews. Group B: Other humans, animals and plants. The idea that things only exist through opposition gives credence to the tribal solipsism. Jews discourage converts because to them no matter how hard one tries, one can’t become Jewish. Other people are necessarily unreal to them.

          First God appoints one group as Jewish, then He increases or diminishes them based on their actions. Other nations in the stories only get messed with based on their treatment of the Jews or as unwitting vicars of God to teach the Jews a lesson.

          The antisemitism of the Bible is very snobbish. Being human isn’t enough; one must be selected as Jewish first, and then and only then will God judge you accordingly.

          Ironically, herein lies the universal popularity of the Bible. All this forces the reader to suspend disbelief, envision himself and his people as Jewish, and take the necessary steps to even be noticed by God. A nation must go through the metamorphosis of Jewry before redemption and salvation.

          Jews are obsessed with interpreting the secrets of the Tanakh. Muslims are obsessed with telling others how splendid the Quran is. There is little to interpret in their eyes; it is plainly obvious that it is perfect. No need to read between the lines, introspect, or reform. Christians obsessively worship Jesus to the disgust of the other two.

          Judaism is like a New York private equity fund: tiny. You need to plan your entry ten years in advance. The Jews are not stuck in the past; rather they feel optimized at their tiny scale.

          Christianity is the Fortune 500 of religion. Its messianic founder & CEO scaled up the Jewish model and hired a fantastic recruiting team. It’s Jewish religious technology with a marketing upgrade.

          Islam is the multi-level marketing scheme of religion. A cheap knock-off of Christianity with little focus on the product, and 90% of its focus on recruiting. The conversion standards for submission are pathetically low.

          1. I no longer agree with the two sacrilegious statements about Judaism an Christianity above. I’ve changed a lot in heart and thought over the past year which is what brought me back to the Catholic Church. I won’t want to discuss religion or theology on this blog much at all though.

    1. Again, I should have said this more respectfully with these comments as a Catholic. I’m sorry.

      I agree still with the general sentiment of these comments. Not that I mean the Bible is anti-Semitic in a bad way, more like it’s the only group whose errors and sins the Old Testament seems to really focus on.

  4. In fact, the “secret” to Western Civilization may lie in the Tanakh. I’m not a religious person, but I am a monotheist. Somehow, our ancient Afroasiatic Proto-Caucasian ancestors, after overcoming invisible infectious disease, hunger, thirst, and sexual desire yet without formal training in fine art, said the following:

      Be a strong man.

      Honor women but keep them in check and.

      If thou encountereth beauty understandeth that it belongeth to God.

  5. The Old Testament is a criticism against humanity itself written by Jews who then went on to continually perfect themselves based on this idea. I was raised Catholic but I think the Septuagint and the Masoretic texts should be treated with equal reverence.

    Most religious instructors and academics are gay faggots who cause even greater harm to homo faggots and tranny faggots than we straights do. After all, homo-tranny faggots are just asking us, the non-homo-tranny straights, how it is that they should live their lives.

    I don’t know the answer. All I know is that telling real homo fags and trannys either that they are (according to Tradition) hell-bound or that they are perfect okay (according to Progress) is wrong.

    1. I don’t agree with my statement about homosexual behavior either. I just don’t know the answers at all.

      1. I still agree that there’s something wrong with them in head and that it’s bad for society to promote it. But I am taking a different stance on the morality of them acting out homosexuality. It’s a good idea to remind people of Hell because it scares you into not doing bad things and to start doing the right things. Once you are there, it’s easier to become a more spiritual and less sinful person. It’s what’s happening to me.

        However, there is a respectful and effective to remind people of these things. I do feel Christians, especially Catholics now, often don’t preach in such a way. I came back to the church by myself. No other person brought me back directly. I slowly warmed up to the idea over the course of ten years and greatly increased my interest in the past two years.

  6. The good ol’ days. When a White Western man could go at Jews, and Jews didn’t ruin the good man’s life. I’ve always liked Henry Ford.

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