MLK Rammed Down People’s Throats

Too many things named after him! This has probably been counterproductive for SJWs. You can actually have too much of a good thing, you know!

Regarding another black leader, Malcolm X – he was a racist on par with the Nazis. Give me a break! Why should we honor him at all? Yet liberals will walk on eggshells for him, saying, “Well, at least I can understand why he was racist.” Reason being Blacks constantly told they’re ugly/dumb in the pre-’70s USA. What does that mean?

It means that a lot of  racism is understandable even if it is not morally correct. I can understand racism too among both Blacks and Whites. For instance, I can understand why many Whites go racist (prison term, bullying by non-Whites), but it doesn’t justify honoring them.

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One thought on “MLK Rammed Down People’s Throats”

  1. The ironic thing about the MLK worship is that he is posthumously recruited to sanction things he would have opposed in life.

    Example: find any Martin Luther King Avenue, Boulevard, etc. in America. It’s almost certainly a run-down area of the town where poor Black people live in a state of de facto segregation and stunted economic and educational opportunities. I don’t know if this state of affairs is a cynical joke on Black people perpetrated by the White power structure, but if so, well played, you sons of bitches.

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