Whites Have Abandoned the Blue Collar Trades?


Well, actually, it’s a bit of dis-information.   There’s a massive shortage in blue collar trades  – unless, of course, you’re hiring unlicensed workers – who probably, would be unskilled – or well, why wouldn’t they go for the licence?

Therefore in this sea of “Hey dude, I can fix your car (many white guys and Mexicans).” it might appear the job market is way full.


Well, regarding the thread’s comment about Mexicans, of course, it would be obvious to many that unskilled whites are going to hate unskilled Mexicans who work for – way less.   But this doesn’t say much for the unskilled whites who won’t get an education – and think everyone owes them something.

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2 thoughts on “Whites Have Abandoned the Blue Collar Trades?”

  1. Unskilled whites love knee-grows, mexican’ts, and A-rabs. It’s the only thing that makes them feel good about themselves. Well, that and drugs.

    1. But it’s just not the truth. Notice also, as mentioned in my newest post, how they’ve stopped responding.

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