My Ethnic Heritage

Polar Bear: Swedish, Luxembourger, Irish. You?

Swedish and Luxembourger, damn. I’d love to have some heritage like that. You can keep the Irish, no thanks lol. Luxembourger is exotic.

My Heritage

I do go back to the founding stock of America, which is a Nordicist thing to say I guess, but it’s true and I take pride in it. 50% chance of Indian blood via Pocohontas. Later, they always said the Browns had  Indian blood (maternal grandmother). Photos of them exist from late 1800’s, and they do look rather dark.

We have some stories about encounters with Indians where we almost got killed  but tricked the Indians into not killing us (Massachusetts 1640 and Virginia 1790). Not sure if theses are apocryphal or not.

One relative was captured by Indians and went native for a long time. He came to his father’s house much later walking up dressed in Indian garb, and his father had his gun out and was about to shoot him until he realized it was him. He was fluent in the Indian language from his time with them.

I am 5/8 British, 1/4 German, 1/8 French.

But the Paternal grandfather ( 1/4 German) “German” came by way of Catalonia 1100 CE  -> Occitan region (long period) -> over and up the Arpitan region (long period) to Switzerland, brief stop there, then to Baden Wurtemburg. We were hardly there 40 years before we rode the Rhine to Rotterdam and then over to Pennsylvania where we became part of the Pennsylvania Germans in 1720 -> Iowa -> California.

As  you can see, German is more of an idea or concept than a race. Our stock is pretty much Occitan-Arpitan Southern France-Northeastern Italy.

Paternal grandmother (1/8 French, 1/8 Scottish) -> Unknown -> Isle of Uist, Scotland (weird place) somehow or other also to west coast France Poitevin/Aquitaine region ->  Quebec early on 1700’s? (French Canadians) long stay there -> Iowa -> Los Angeles, California 1910.

Other side maternal grandfather and  grandmother ( 1/2 pure British – 3/8 English and 1/8 Welsh), Lombards 1000 CE-> Charlemagne – Eleanor of Aquitaine -> UK for a long time -> Second Mayflower ship (John Brewster preacher -> John Alden -> First Families of Virginia (50% chance of being related to Pocohontas) -> maybe more Indian later -> Stonewall Jackson (Confederate general) -> J.P. Morgan (banker fat cat 1880’s) -> Edna St. Vincent Millay (poet) -> Missouri, Iowa -> Chicago -> SF Bay Area,  California 1945.

100% pure West European White with possibility of some small bit of Indian blood, which I am quite happy to have, thank you.

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7 thoughts on “My Ethnic Heritage”

  1. Hi Robert,

    I thought you once said you were part Spaniard also? “100% pure West European White with possibility of some small bit of Indian blood.” Well that’s enough for the cultural left to “prove” that race isn’t real and we’re all mixed but that your racism is real and evil because it detects something that shouldn’t be detectable.

    1. No not at all. 1/4 of my ancestry was Spaniard in 1100 in Catalonia but then we moved on to Occitania. So I don’t think that counts. Notice how “German” ancestry is mostly Occitan and Arpitan (Southern French and Eastern and NE Italian?

      That’s what I mean by German is mostly an idea. I mean we were in Germany for 40 years. So I have “German” ancestry? Maybe a touch but I am mostly Med on that side. Are Western French Meds or Nords or who knows? I’m 1/4 Med and 5/8 Nord British and not sure about the French.

      See so even us “Nords” ain’t pure. Fuck Nordicism man. Let em burn. I love Meds personally.

      And even Hitler did NOT think Meds were inferior. He just said Meds and Nords were different. That’s all he said. Never said one was above or below the other. He liked Meds. He thought they had some strong points that Nords lacked, but also that they had flaws that Nords lacked. He said each had strong points and flaws and that they were just different, not inferior.

      He did not think Japs were inferior either. He thought they were different. Meds and Japs were on a level with Nords for Hitler.

      1. North and South Europe are constantly kissing. Even down in Sicily we have Norman influence which played a role in mozzarella production. They each create their own Heaven.

        I believe the North’s glory days are more in Christian times, and the glory of Ancient Rome overshadows this in the South. This mirrors their respective Renaissance Art.

        In the Far North out of Frankish reach there were strong Northern pagan holdouts. The Swedes conquered East, Danes and Norwegians West. An old Saxon smiled.

  2. It would have been cool if you had some Spaniard in you. A very underrated European culture by contemporary Americans IMO.

    I am actually a nordicist. I’m not nordic, not even germanic. I am an American, however. My opinion comes from living in a diverse liberal megacity. Northern Europeans are Tier 1 Master Race, excelling in creativity and verbal IQ. Southern Europeans and North East Asians are Tier 2 Master Race (MR), the former excelling in creativity and the latter in mathematical and visual-spatial IQ, yet neither excelling at both.

    I’ll address nordic superiority in another post, but in short, racial guilt and modern science is unlikely to happen with such intensity in the Tier 2s. There’s a little bit of it in Southern Europe, Latin America and Japan but nothing like Northern Europe, USA or the Commonwealth. ZERO RACIAL GUILT in South Korea.They are openly racist.

    Germanics are pre-Germanic Indo-Europeans linguistically and genetically mixed with Uralics and Celts, romanized or not. So it’s quite real to that extent. This one is convincing:

    So what if I’m a nordicist? Well nothing. Just because I think tacos are the best cuisine doesn’t mean the city ought to ban all other restaurants. The Axis Powers’ valiant attempt in WWII demonstrated that even if the MRs gang up to nordicize, romanize or japanify humanity, unless every MR country is on-board, it ain’t gonna happen. Entropy always wins.

    I contemn SFMs and SJWs because their intellectual shallowness has rendered them sanctimonious and blind to reality. MRs are cold low entropy races and when in contact with hot high entropy ones they will hybridize. And even within the subraces and genders you see it: geeky white dude with an average asian chick phenomenon (while hot chicks of both races pair up only with their respective alpha males). It’s unstoppable! I dream of a world where we are all blond Heideggers contemplating dasein. But evolution dreams up a different story. SFMs can’t stop miscegenation and it doesn’t need SJWs’ help. Nordics are superior to all lifeforms on Earth but they aren’t above nature itself.

    Feminism comes into play here but that’s another story… Lower rung Tier 1 men snatch up middle-of-the-pack Tier 2 women and in general, lower rung MR men snatch up upper-to-middle-of-the-pack lesser race women. The long term effect is eugenic. We are in the post-colonial transitionary period so we have to deal with the initial breeding defects. Humans are great at cross-breeding other humans, dogs, cats, poultry, cattle, horses and plants.

    1. In fact, I think if the white Stormfronters cleaned up a bit, they could easily snatch thinner better looking non-white women and they would chill out.

      Surely, the thin feminist consultant at fortune 500 with an Equinox membership ain’t gonna fuck him. Maybe if he’s tall, hot and bad to the bone and the reason he can’t hold a job is mild psychopathy rather than anatomical or intellectual defectiveness.

      I consider SFMs and SJWs to usually be genetically defective rejects from the master race mold. However, IQs and genotypes regress toward the racial mean so their hybrid children stand a chance at being superior to both parents.

      1. If they wanted pure-bloodness, they should have stayed in Europe. Sending out pure-bloods to the New World conflicts with economic growth, probably other things.

      2. South and East European women understand their gender roles. Some in the North – I know a Norwegian lady like this – think they are tough like men.

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