Is Not Wanting to Learn Genetic Or Environmental?

When I was in school, this one guy – definitely the “not go to college type” – joked, “What wuss takes notes?”

Yeah, that sums it up. A lot of people don’t want to study and have no intention of ever doing it. But it’s not like they can’t, though. Come on, considering how much they post on social media, they don’t have a brain at all? Like the Scarecrow on The Wizard of Oz lol? Please.

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2 thoughts on “Is Not Wanting to Learn Genetic Or Environmental?”

  1. If the world was a classroom, a high IQ White minority is up front taking notes with the Asians and Jews.

    Most Whites are in the middle.

    The back of the class looks like Dangerous Minds full of Blacks and Cholos tatted black. Some Whites like The Fonz and Wooderson from Dazed and Confused also choose the back. When class is over the Blacks get in their caddie with Becky, and the cholos get in their smoke-filled lowrider.

    The Fonz and Wooderson strut out eyeing the girls in the hall. Middle Whites look to these back-of-the class Chads in awe. A sassy sissy twirls his black hair in the dunce corner hoping in vain to catch their eye.

    The Asians leave flowers and red letters on the teachers desk.

    The gifted Whites leave apples for the teacher, while the Jews offer freshman girls apples like in Snow White.

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