But At Least I Work

Some macho losers are working teenager jobs – feeling morally superior because “they work,” while sissies etc. won’t work and wallow on welfare.

However, once again, this is more scapegoating.  These guys are not working at jobs to the utmost of their ability because, as with white-collar stuff, education is important, and you have to pass tests.

Anyhow, some disabled need to be on welfare. I don’t know. I do think it’s an excuse with many, but it’s beside the point in regards to “ne’er do well Republicans”.

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One thought on “But At Least I Work”

  1. Many do the schooling and end up not using it. Job does not translate into worth. I’ve been told Yankees have more worth down South by Southerners. I don’t care, I don’t need to tower over people for little wins. That’s a small mans game. If you live in a glass house though, don’t be an elitist.

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