Are Middle Class Republicans Racist?

Probably many are in-the-closet racists, and a minority are Cluster B psychos. Nonetheless, if you start to get a good income from being able to at least pass blue-collar exams, it tends to mellow out a person.

In fact, I’m thinking the racialist movement is mostly a movement of people who have failed – mainly failed themselves. They’ve failed themselves, but are looking for a scapegoat. I’d say many don’t think they’ve failed themselves because they actually believe they were victimized.

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15 thoughts on “Are Middle Class Republicans Racist?”

  1. More of them are low level racists. Things like the JQ are out of a neo-cons reach. Many successful people are racial, I sat at the lunch table with many. Anti-racism attempts to silence White mouths but fails to read what’s in a person heart.

  2. Most people are racial. The be “racist” is more about behaviors towards races (preferential, deferential, or hostile) and how it impacts your emotional state. It’s similar to the difference between a personality trait like narcissism versus a full-blown narcissistic personality disorder. Cluster Bs can be found in any socio-economic sector; I don’t think upper-middle class whites are especially cluster B-ish. With that in mind, I have noticed a huge parallel between both major factions of celto-cermanic American whites:

    1. Right-wing conservatism and the leftist academic establishment’s official position is that all European and related populations (e.g. Armenians) are white and it specifically disavows Lussophobia, Hispanophobia and Italophobia.

    2. However, rank and file Stormfront members (SFMs), despite it being officially being paneuropean, AND social justice warriors (SJWs) are in fact nordicists. SFMs claim the racial superiority of the nordic whites. SJWs claim that whites racially oppress others. SJWs have a tendency of declaring swarthy caucasians like Southern Europeans, Levantines, North Africans, Persians, Armenias etc. as non-white. This allows SJWs to safely hate themselves while simultaneously praise others such as hispanic cultures, muslims, and genocided Armenians without technically contradicting themselves.

    The common theme here is that the bottom rung of right and left movements populated by germanic whites exhibit collective narcissism by placing the specific sub-racial category they belong to higher in the hierarchy. Both groups desperately cling to racial superior or racial oppressor trope in order to forget they are bottom-feeding nordic types, the left tail-end of a racially superior bell curve. SFMs and SJWs are grandiose and vulnerable narcissists, respectively. It’s very self-gratifying for an american white to claim that american whites are oppressors. Oppression is hard work! Much conscientiousness and IQ are required, something both SFMs and SJWs lack.

    3. White-nationalists and the left-wing establishment are both decidedly anti-Semitic (save the Jewish faction in politics, the media and academia). The Left is ironically anti-Israel. Probably because the rulers of Israel are germanic-slavic-abrahamic-hebrew-religion hybrids that look super white. I never hear the left criticize Muslim brown caucasoids for murdering Druze brown causcasoids. I guess if two browns kill each other they can conveniently blame (nordic) whitey for colonizing them 1.37 centuries ago and screwing them up and then indirectly oppressing them through the IMF-American consumerism-capitalist-oppression blah blah blah blah….

    4. White-nationalists and the left-wing establish are anti-christian. WNs are polytheistic animists: Celtic druid faith, Wiccan, Norse black metal fans, you name it. Lefties are also polytheistic animists: hell-bound atheists with a penchant for the Great Spirit of Evolution, anthropomorphized soul-bearing animal worship (vegans), and have sacred forests with tree spirits (environmentalism and Global Warming).

    American white-nationalism and the American establishment fundamentally agree that the white race is broad but some types of whites are better than others, and that Israel shouldn’t be supported by the West. The Greeks and Romans might have civilized the Celtic and Germanic Peoples. The Jews might have given them the Torah and Marxism. But at their core, they are still the same culture and the left-right extremes demonstrate this.

    Mainstream pro-Israel, pro-Christianity Republican conservatives are the American moderates despite the rest of the world thinking Trump voters are neo-nazi jew-killing black-lynching psychos. They are not.

    -Claudis Americanus

    1. Sometimes it seems early NS and the lefts ideal are more alike than different. Both “anti-semetic” Nordics living healthy lifestyles in farming communities. Of course they hate eachothers ideology enough to want the other dead, like rival Viking tribes. When a Russian says they are the last White men with balls, I see truth to that. They are not perfect but the East Slav women are women, the coloreds are not colonizing, ect. Being the most advanced and civilized has done fuck all for West Europe. No one wants feminist third world shitholes, the West is considered suicidal for a reason. I see more natural health in the more archaic and uncorupted European societies.

      1. Hi PolarBear,

        What is NS?

        I’ll save my comments on feminism for another day. I agree that Russians are the last whites with balls. I think Slavs are a bit evil sometimes, but ultimately they act as a cultural reservoir for some elements lost in the west.

        I disagree though that there is more natural health in the more archaic and uncorrupted European societies. That is the point I was making about mainstream Christian America being well-balanced. Indo-Europeans, or at least Celtic and northern Indo-Euro Uralic hybrids like Germanics and Slavs, are racially superior but are always one false-step away from succumbing to decedent salf0hatred and nihilism( i.e Nazis, USSR, post-modernism). And religions like Christianity are exactly what they need to keep their creative brains in check. The most beautiful and terrifying inventions in modern history have come out of Europe. In Herman Hess’s Buddha says, “Be aware of too much wisdom!”

        I think America, thus far, hasn’t become a murderous dictatorship is because of the extra-strong Protestant seed values. However, this vaccine is wearing off….Robert Lindsay once mentioned how decadent Celtic societies where that they practically welcomed the Romans to help save them from themselves.


        1. National Socialists. The Romans themselves saw the benefit of such society. Tacitus seems to idealize the Germanics for one.

          1. That’s a good point. The late Romans became quite decadent themselves until they embraced Christianity. Tacitus is from the Imperial era.

            In general Indo-Europeans seem to benefit from Christianity. The Germanics may have had a good character, as Tacitus describes them;,almost as warrior beta-males, but still pagan barbarians until romanized or hellenized. I definitely think the Germanics improved upon the republican democratic model they learned from the Italians and Greeks.

            But, in the present day, they are at risk if they abandon the Christianity society. Post-modern thought can’t provide what society needs. Perhaps some post-post-modern abrahamic hybrid culture will emerge, talking the best of both world such as not-bashing women but at the same time reminding women of their role in society. Not hating other races but not foolishly admitting low-IQ terrorists immigrants, or like PUAs going to church lol ala RooshV.

          2. I’d be a feminist in the Middle East, I don’t believe in dominating them. The non-Whites should be White appreciating model minorities in the West.

  3. P.S.
    SFMs and SJWs may hate Ashkenazi Jews so much because the probably make them feel like inferior whites. If we create a racial pecking order then Caucasians (IQ 90) > Europeans (IQ 100)> Germanics (IQ 102)> Scandinavian Nords (IQ*)> Ashkenazi (avg. IQ 113).

    * I’m note sure if the IQ of Scandinavians is higher than other Europeans or Germanics but they have a disproportionate amount of cultural achievements given their tiny population. Currently, there are 25 million ethnic Scandinavians (excluding Uralic Finns) out of the 600 million ethnic Europeans. Compare this to the achievements of the 11 million Ashkenazim worldwide. Close but no Einstein cigar.


    1. Jews were consistantly Eugenic and Romans were not. I dislike Jews effect on the West but I admire their intelligence. Monsters against my people, that’s why I hate some Jews.

      1. The average IQ of all Jews, Ashkenazi, Sephardic and the rest is only90-something. Jewish Israel has a low 90s IQ. The Ashkenzim aren’t high IQ because they are Jewish, but because, as you said, were eugenic in Europe and simply became a high-class faction in German and Slavic countries. Jews probably jettisoned idiots into the general population. Tons of Europeans have genetic traces of Jewry in them. And Jews oppose conversion into Judaism also, preventing fools from entering the gene pool.

          1. I am Claudius who has earned the cognomen of Americanus for my exploits in this great country.

  4. P.P.S.

    With regards to point 4, Both SFMs and SJWs are nihilists. The Norse myth of Ragnarök claims that the world will succumb to evil, turn cold, and kill everyone. Afterwards, the world will re-emerge and start anew. The eschatology of the secular academic left has a myriad of competing nihilistic armageddons:

    The Big Freeze, the universe will die a thermodynamic heat death and everything will come to a grinding halt and float about for eternity;

    The Big Bounce, the universe will experience a Big Crunch subsequently reseting with another Big Bang, ad infinitum;

    The Big Rip, the universe will quarter the fabric of space-time and stretch it until it rips itself apart;

    And my favorite, The Big Slurp, we exist in a false vacuum that will stabilize to a true vacuum without any warning from unGod whatsoever and reduce us to elementary particles!

    It’s all Ragnarök with sophisticated math.

    The average Republic believes Jesus will save him at the end of time for simply faithfully paying his mortgage for 30 years in a row.


  5. P.P.P.S.

    Just look at the typical SFMs and SJWs, ugly tatoo covered, pierced, hair-dyed celtic germanic barbarian cannibals just begging to be romanized.

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