PUA/Game: Men Want to Be Told By Women That They Are Sexually Desirable Beings

Why is sex important to men? Because I don’t think there is any experience in a man’s life that gives him a high like that does.

I now believe that 9

Physically? Who needs it? We can sit home and masturbate just as easily, and my hand never charged me to do it or even argued with me along the way or afterwards.

Sex is important to men because of what it says about us when we have it. And a lot of it is how the world views us. We need to have sex with women because this is how we get respect in the world of men. And in the world of women too.

Sex for men is about:

1. The ego and the sense of ultimate validation that nothing else can begin to approach.

2. The public image, once again via a sense of validation that seems almost superior to all the others.

Why do players chalk up the lays? Egotism. They’re just feeding their egos. That’s literally all they are doing. Those women are nothing but ego food for a man’s starving sense of self.

This is the problem with these poor incels. They never get that sense of ultimate validation.

And it’s the way my life seems to be headed, too. Maybe this is all perfectly natural. Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be. Maybe I should quit complaining and fighting Mother Nature. But I have to tell you that this just doesn’t feel good.

At my age, it seems like 0.0000000

And it used to be the opposite when I was younger. I have all these memories of countless women and girls hitting on me, flirting with me, and generally acting like they thought I was hot. There was nothing like it and I long to experience that even once again before I die.

Now I am wondering if that was all a giant hallucination or delusion. Did it even happen? Because right now I can’t imagine one woman on Earth finding me attractive like that. How could they have found me attractive back then? Did they really find me attractive? How could they have? If they don’t now, how could they then?

I had girlfriends my age raving about how hot I was six years ago. Did they really feel that way? How could they have? No one wants me now, so how did anyone want me then? Will this ever happen again? Will any woman ever find me hot ever again?

These are my thoughts. I haven’t been this insecure since adolescence. I’m a whirling dervish of insecurity.

It’s not an insult if some woman turns you down. That’s just normal. Never bothered me. As long as there are a few or even better a lot who want us, it’s all good. What we don’t like is being found unattractive by all of female humanity. I can’t put into words how soul-crushing and confidence-wrecking that is. At that point your life is like an incel’s life.

I wonder how many women could handle a world where not one man on Earth found them attractive enough to have sex with. Most of them would blow their brains out. No way could women handle that.

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6 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Men Want to Be Told By Women That They Are Sexually Desirable Beings”

  1. I don’t think beauty or women is that important for most men. It’s very important for women to be desired and to feel like they are desired by someone who they find desirable. But men tend to be a little more obsessed with money, power, or whatever they perceive as “success” over women.

    I think Alexander was more into winning battles and conquering territories than he was into sex. If a man’s only focus is women and everything they do revolves around that, then they are not likely to find success in other areas.

    1. Nice comment. Thanks for that. Good thinking. I guess I think like a woman then! But then again, there is indeed a part of my mind that thinks like a woman. There’s also a part that thinks like a man, the most masculine man that ever lived, some of the time.

      1. Indian has a valid point. On another note I understand that you are a psychologist so you’d think on those lines but physical attributes matter a lot. Your comment on this post and many before leave me intrigued when you write “they don’t give me second glance anymore”.

        What has changed in you physically? Is it the hair? Or a pauch? Or is it just society’s shitty theory of the creepy old man that you have come to embody?

  2. My masculinity was pure in youth. Men lose some of that with age. Women are highly enjoyable but not the highest path. I’m handsome enough to be liked by a lot of women.

    Some old women are nothing to men except their sons and grandsons.

    I think old men can have more worth because men generally have more depth. Men can conquer the world. Women can act as a moon-balance or ball and chain but not the driving force. Semen is creative energy. Women take, men give.

    1. If you don’t mind me asking.. How old are you now? I read your comments on that Indian topic and I thought you’re a 20s dude.

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