Alt Left: No, We Are Not Good People, and No, We Are Not a Good Country

This latest rolling catastrophe with Trump and the Republicans will not be righted soon. This political behavior is a feature, not a bug of American politics. I’ve lived here for six decades, and Trumpism/Republicanism is America. It’s always been like this. Now half the population are out and out open fascists, and people still keep trying to say the American people are good.

Democrats are just as patriotarded in this sense as Republicans. That’s most of the problem right there – the patriotarded exceptionalism.

We’re not. We’re not good people. We’re not a good country. And I doubt if we ever have been.  Good people don’t act like this. Good countries don’t act like this.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: No, We Are Not Good People, and No, We Are Not a Good Country”

  1. But of course the most horrific behavior is heavily centered in the South, rural Midwest and other “red states”. If this country consisted only of New York, California, the New England states and maybe a few others, we’d be a lot more like Canada or even much of Western Europe.

  2. You’re totally right. I finally realized that most Americans are a bunch of macho pussies who can’t fight their way out of a paper bag and think punching down makes them tough.

    They’re always talking about freedom and how they’ll be ready to fight like it’s 1776 to protect (their own warped notion of) it. They have no sense of perspective and are constantly angry about the wrong things. When they do take up arms, these idiots will go out and slaughter the homeless, LGBTs, academics, minorities, etc, instead of going after the people who really made their lives miserable.

    1. Thanks for this comment, One. I agree with you completely. Especially the idea that our rage is misplaced.

    2. “Macho Pussy”? Yeah, that sums ups guys whose biggest enemy is themselves – and who divert attention toward misfits.

      Yeah, of course, these guys cannot pass certification exams – and then go around claiming to be persecuted working man.

      But this is the case with all identity politics. It’s like those blacks who blame “the man” all the time – and call good blacks Uncle Toms.

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