NASCAR Driver Suspended for N Bomb

Larson was competing in an iRacing event Sunday night when he appeared to lose communication on his headset with his spotter. During a check of his microphone, he asked his spotter, “You can’t hear me?” That was followed by the N-word. The slur was directed at his spotter, who is white.

But how do you know this wasn’t joking around like when Blacks call each other the name?  Also, note this guy is of mixed heritage being half-Japanese/white.

Larson apologized in a video posted on his social media accounts.

“I made a mistake, said the word that should never, ever be said,” Larson said. “There is no excuse for that. I wasn’t raised that way. It is just an awful thing to say. I feel very sorry for my family, my friends, my partners, the NASCAR community and especially the African-American community.

“I understand the damage is probably irreparable and I own up to that. But I just want to let you all know how sorry I am and I hope everyone is staying safe during these crazy times.”

But is that really sincere? Note, I’m not making excuses for hardcore racists, I just find it difficult in this context to see the real evil.

But aren’t Asians incredibly racist against African peoples?

They are, but this guy grew up in America in a mostly white area probably also feeling outcast cause he’s the “n-word,” sort of.

Actually he’s already made great progress for diversity.

Larson, whose grandparents spent time in an interment camp in California during World War II, climbed from short-track racing into NASCAR through its “Drive for Diversity” program. He is the only driver of Japanese descent to win a major NASCAR race.

Final Thought

Did anyone even hear the comment? Why is every little public thing people say nitpicked and analyzed?

Come on, if you took a bunch of rough fellows – even ones like Larson who probably aren’t really that racist – they’re going to say “rough ghetto things”.


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One thought on “NASCAR Driver Suspended for N Bomb”

  1. Jason, this was about the stupidest shit, besides Trump’s daily reelection campaign commercials, er, Corona “press conferences” that’s happened this month. You would think Larson is Jack the Ripper the way some people and NASCAR have reacted. Goddamn, calm the fuck down everybody. It just tends to make you think George Orwell was right.

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