Are Racial Slurs Deserved?

It’s a complex issue, but often times, they may well be deserved! In that case, why should there be tear-jerking apologies?

  • A great many Southerners were “lynch a monkey” racists, not even willing to spare a young teenager (Emmett Till) or a pregnant woman.
  • Many Blacks nowadays engage in behaviors corresponding to negative portrayals of themselves, and at an age of accountability.
  • A majority of Germans turned a blind eye to inhuman Jewish persecution.
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One thought on “Are Racial Slurs Deserved?”

  1. The Dog the Bounty Hunter-type Whites crying for forgiveness are usually not even racist. Most Coloreds don’t seem to care about a White’s good intentions.

    The bitter minority hypocrites are given a platform for the same reason everyone’s a winner at the Special Olympics. Ice Cube whines about White racism to Bill Maher after rapping “Cave Bitch.” Maher is not racist against Blacks. he likely loathes White flyovers the most.

    A person’s true feelings are what count. We reap what we sow. Act like a nigger, get treated in kind. Some NS likely committed war crimes on some Jews. This is lost in the sea of lies Jews have created.

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