A Lot of Proud Boys Not Being All They Can Be

Army saying: Be all you can be.

This can seem like hating from so-called cucks, but seriously, if some 40-year old who isn’t retarded lol is working at fast food, something’s up. Well, one reason might be a drug conviction, but I suspect it’s an excuse. They’re making an excuse, just like they make scapegoats (non-Whites, gays, effeminate men)

Bottom line, as noted in other posts, there’s a blue-collar shortage. How’s that possible? You’d think with illegals it wouldn’t exist!

Could This Be Projection?

I think it is and it needs to be exposed. Maybe George Patton just needs to say, “Why, you’re just nothing but a coward!  :lol:.” What problem do they have? They have shell-shock from Iraq? I doubt even that!

Do They Know There’s a Blue-collar Shortage?

Maybe they don’t! They’re too caught up in the fun. What fun is accepting responsibility for your own actions and not telling someone else they should (aka: lazy non-White welfare bums)?

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