My Brother, The Homophobe

He used to be like that in his college years (very early 1990s) because, well, he went to a small college noted for gays. Also, he is the jock type, so along with attracting females, he probably unwittingly attracted gays.

What was the deal with him? From my POV, being a middle school kid, I really didn’t give a shit. It reminds me of my Dad and his tirades about all the persecution he felt he got.

Anyway, oddly enough, my brother is liberal, democrat, generally tolerant but went through a huge section of his life being viciously anti-gay.

But do I know the whole story?

Well, not only did my brother possibly attract gays, but he may have really attracted them, leading to sexual harassment.

The Other Person Sort of in My Family (Not Related)

This person was an all-out intolerant Frankenstein. He started out in high school a normal guy, but I suppose for reasons similar to my brother, he turned into this obnoxious prick.     He pretty much hates everyone except White Anglos.

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