“Jerry-rigging” = Improvisation = Pure, Raw Survival

Polar Bear: Whites and Blacks have qualities not measured in IQ. From the redneck inventing in his garage to a Black street musician freestyling.

I’ll say this for Whites and Blacks, they top the racial scales on immeasurable qualities.

Aren’t those both sort of winging it, jerry-rigging it, putting a lot together with a little, freestyling…in a word, improvisation? Jerry-rigging, etc. is simply a form of improvisation, and in that sense, it is immensely adaptive and even a form of genius. Improvisation is also a form of “pure creativity.”

Look at the Black jazz musician noodling away, winging it so to speak, improvising. What sort of cookbook or lesson plan is he following? None. It’s as good as the surrealists’ automatic writing. That’s why I would call that sort of improvisation “pure creativity.”

Another way of describing jerry-rigging or improvisation would be “designing a solution to a brand new problem that one has never encountered before.” That’s absolutely a form of genius. And Blacks are great at that. For a couple of reasons, I think.

Blacks no matter what we think of them, are adaptive. Jesus Christ, they’re adaptive as Hell. A Black can live anywhere. Throw him into one of the worst environments on Earth and he not only survives but thrives. Look at Africa.

And Blacks are survivors. Blacks can survive in anything. They tried to enslave the American Indians, but they either refused to work or somehow or other they all died off. The Blacks weren’t happy with it, but they did survive.

But almost all primitive peoples are experts at winging it, jerry-rigging, or improvisation. Improvisation, in a word, is about nothing less than immediate survival. About putting something half-assed but “good enough” together so you can make it to live for at least another day.

Some animals are showing signs of jerry-rigging or improvising, even making their own tools. It’s pretty interesting.

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3 thoughts on ““Jerry-rigging” = Improvisation = Pure, Raw Survival”

  1. Humans, however stupid they may appear to other humans, or however stupid different groups of humans may appear to other groups of humans, are insanely smart. That is absolutely the only advantage humans have over other animals.

    Looking at how ill-adapted humans are to life on this planet in any other way than sheer brain power, I can almost believe ancient astronaut theories that postulate humans as the survivors of a UFO crash somewhere in the distant past. That’s nonsense of course, disproved by basic genetics and biology, but still.

  2. Raw survival nowadays? That’s a joke! You can just get a battery jump starter for 40 bucks – and who knows what they have for tires.

    1. That’s the impetus for jerry-rigging or improvisation. Those skills are ultimately related to raw survival at their base, not that everything you jerry-rig is done so that you will be able to see another day.

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