Do Gays Sexually Harass People?

I’m thinking they do and combine this with already mildly homophobic people, you got the recipe for White boys “going over the edge”.

What would be sexual harassment? Well, oddly enough, it would be all the things White Nationalists praise so much in regards to women – LOL. It would be staring, flirting – just typical stuff. Stuff that White Nationalists feel they are being persecuted for in hetero dating.

Gays Toxic on a College Campus?

They very well could be way worse than other different groups.  I mean, some Blacks or Latinos could be at a college, but the bad ones never make it to college, generally.

The fact remains that White hetero guys aren’t interested in gays and a lot are harassed when one comes on to them. Still, I feel that becoming “annoyingly intolerant” is overkill, sort of like the cure is worse than the disease.


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2 thoughts on “Do Gays Sexually Harass People?”

  1. Of course they do. There have been numerous cases of straight guys being raped by homosexuals and not just in prison. The straight, adult, male victims of rape perpetrated by homosexuals have to be some of the most oppressed people on the planet because male rape is not taken so seriously and on top of that if they are straight then there is that shame on top of feeling less of a man due to society.

    No one ever talks about these victims.

  2. I’ve had my butt grabbed by a # of men as a boy. A gay even tried to bully me in highschool. Straight men can obsess over gays too much but a lot of gay men want to be with straights.

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