Christian Colleges Marketing Themselves Based on Homophobia

I can’t really blame them. I do think the “gay takeover” of state universities has alienated tons of people, as in the types who don’t care for gays and aren’t interested in seeing/hearing anything about and especially getting sexually hunted by them!

I don’t know if Christian colleges are marketing homophobia because I think a great deal of them are not hardcore. However, the idea is that at even some of the less-hardcore ones, the LGBT stuff just isn’t in your face like at a state university.

How would I choose going to a college?

Honestly, I’d rather go to a private university because I don’t like having gay stuff shoved in my face as much. But the cost was always too much, yet then again, I don’t think I really explored the option strongly enough. The satellite campus I went to was pretty mild, and I generally stayed there, not at the main one.

What do gays do to a college environment?

People always pick on each other. That’s normal. However, a gay-infested university creates boatloads of angry white males, etc.. Basically, the environment is fake, paranoid, and mean-spirited.

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4 thoughts on “Christian Colleges Marketing Themselves Based on Homophobia”

  1. Robert – do not take this the wrong way, but sometimes I get the impression you flip flop on stances a bit too often. I got an Indian friend who happens to be an anarchist and gay onto this blog, and he said you come across as homophobic, which if you look at the most recent articles makes sense. But back in the day you seemed pretty fine with them, even going so far as to support their cause.

    1. I’ve got the same attitude towards gays that all straight men do. Keep in mind that I come from a generation where this stuff was not as acceptable as it is now. Men in their 60’s are not as keen on this gay stuff as you young guys are.

      LOL I support gay rights 100%. I do support their cause, politically speaking. I just don’t like male homosexuality. Don’t like it one bit. But none of us straight men do. They can’t help it though. They didn’t choose this, so we have to be kind to them. I wish for them all of the health and happiness that I wish for myself, not 1% less.

      I’m also totally traumatized by these guys for hitting on me all my life and trying to brainwash me into thinking I’m gay. This issue just kept popping up my whole life ruining my life over and over and over, and I’m pretty pissed off about this whole thing.

      I’m not even gay! It’s like my life got ruined by people thinking I’m a Martian! I’m so sick and tired of this. So I’ve basically got PTSD bigtime with gay men, and I don’t even want to deal with them much anymore. Them over there, me over here.

      I do have a gay friend my age who I converse with regularly. But I can’t talk to him about gay stuff too much. He gets too weirded out.

      Tell him to point out where I’m homophobic, and I will go look at the comments.

      Keep in mind that when I use words like fags and faggots, I’m mostly talking about straight men, not gay men. A lot of straight men are like that. We don’t use those words too much for gay men. We use them way more to attack other straight men. It just means a pussy, a cuck, a soyboy, a man who’s against the men and for the women. We aren’t talking about gay men.

      Anyway, most gay men are on our side. They’re for the men and against the feminists.

    2. I do change my mind a lot. It’s important to change your mind a lot, as often as necessary, as the circumstances warrant. That’s the only way you will ever have an open mind. On the main issues of the day though, I don’t flop around a whole lot.

  2. Jason who wrote this article is from the South and like so many from that region however “progressive” they may be on this or that issue are fundamentally infected by the culture of fundamentalist Protestantism, especially Baptism.

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