Americans are Spoiled Assholes

Remember when the big news was the Chick-fil-a protests? No, it wasn’t Covid-19 – nothing remotely a real emergency. Yet, tons of conservative Christians had to take a stand and visit Chick-fil-a. In fact, to this day, the restaurant chain makes millions. That was best publicity they ever got!

But what about witnessing to a gay instead of bashing him? Nah, that’s no fun! We need to resort to White Supremacist ways of dealing with enemies, where we bully them. Christians showed themselves no better than White Supremacists.

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3 thoughts on “Americans are Spoiled Assholes”

  1. The world doesn’t belong to any one group. Chick-fil-a doesn’t owe gays a damn thing. Same with cake bakers and any other business. Hell, if I want to open a bagel shop in NY and not serve Jews that should be my right. Not every house gives candy on Halloween. Just move on to the next house.

    1. Right, people can serve who they want; but it doesn’t change the fact they, the business owners, aren’t very nice people. Anyway, if a place is full of segregation, the segregated have a good reason to leave – which is what WNs want them do anyway, LOL.

      Yeah, there’s a good point that they have tried to change society without changing people’s hearts. But, honestly, so much of the white race is so responsible for bringing over other groups.

      1. On Jewish slave ships? More Whites suffered than partook. Some White owned Christian Churches help bring over other groups.

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