Useless White Collar Management?

Get rid of the management and promote the worker? See, that’s not really the problem in the USA workforce. There are plenty of blue collar jobs, but people won’t do them. One reason perhaps is they’re not willing to study exams, assuming there not the type who think blue-collar is beneath them.

But Exams Are Some Elitist Scheme by White Collar Managers

No, not really. What are they supposed to do? Lower the standards? Imagine jerry-rigging workers everywhere. Wouldn’t that be dangerous? Come on, you don’t want the pothead goober down the road as a real worker, do you? Why do you think these types always volunteer so fast to fix your car? It’s because they’re unlicensed and unproven.

In fact, them getting a job from you is a dream come true because generally people don’t want amateurs working on their car, no matter how rough and country they may look.

Pol Pot’s Error

By getting rid of all the intellectuals, he didn’t do the place a service. He created a nightmare. It was an idealistic wet dream. It wasn’t necessary for Cambodia.

The Drug Problem

Some of those guys might have records due to drug convictions. Perhaps that’s why they can’t get licensed. I think it’s an exaggeration though, and of course it’s incredibly hypocritical when some of them go on social media telling us how to be a man – lol.

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