Light a Doobie, Work at a Pizza Joint

And when possible go on social media and cry about the persecuted White man.

Hey, I may sound like a dick, but they’re the ones calling everyone pussies and racial slurs. Trust me, their daily doses of humor are no joke – it’s just them whining, and they whine fucking 24 hours a day!

Idea: Go read a book, specifically studying for blue collar trades.

White Genocide: That’s funny! If ever a bunch of losers needed it, it’s these guys. It’s natural selection in progress, folks.

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2 thoughts on “Light a Doobie, Work at a Pizza Joint”

  1. You sound like Trash. I’m not sure what to think of you. Maybe a bullied hermit is desperate for a win. Even if it means biting the flour covered hand that feeds you.

    1. What hand? I never attacked White people – only a subset.

      Well, if there is a blue collar labor shortage, then why aren’t these “he-men” out looking for the job instead of writing long essays on manhood on Facebook? Is it drug convictions? What’s the secret problem?

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