White Supremacists Only Like Deep Truth When…

It affirms that the fat people they hate are really fat.  The blacks they hate are really stupid. The mixed-raced kids they hate are really ugly.

Oh, people ignore these truths – cause they can’t handle the truth.  The truth hurts!

No, this is bullshit.  None of the statements in the first paragraph are true.  Anyway, there is plenty of “deep truth” racists do ignore.  For instance, how deeply have they looked into anti-Jewish hysteria?  I mean, any fool can can just shout out “Jews” at any bad thing that happens in life.

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26 thoughts on “White Supremacists Only Like Deep Truth When…”

  1. Yes, confirmation bias is strong among White Supremacists. They are unable to see things from different perspectives and have their minds made up about various countries and ethnicities.

    I discussed some things related to India with these type of people on forums, and despite me showing ample proof that India and Indians weren’t all like the way they thought they were due to stereotypes in the media, all I got was the same racist nonsense in response.

    Our brains react negatively to new information in general, so if new data is entered into our brain that conflicts with existing data, that causes denial and revulsion. Hence why there is so much hatred of conspiracy theorists as well because people oftentimes don’t want to come face to face with reality. They would rather be ignorant, happy, and unprepared.

    There is also some level of ‘White guilt’ among them. I have noticed that on forums, racism against Indians and Middle Eastern people is very acceptable, but say anything about Blacks or Jews, and you will be banned, moderated, or stalked in every future thread you make.

    Whites get offended on behalf of these people, while I see racism against us all the time, and it’s fine. Just don’t question the Holocaust. Don’t even slightly hint on it or immediate ban.

    This is due to White guilt. Whites, particularly American Whites, are guilty of slavery and the fake Holohoax, so it has been ingrained in them that racism against these two particular groups – Blacks and Jews – is bad. The Whites’ education system is responsible for this too, and we all know their education system is created by Jews.

    But Whites see little wrong with racism against Indians, Arabs, and Persians, who have the misfortune of having media in their homelands that stereotype and abuse their own people. Yet Whites won’t have the balls to say the same things about niggers or Yahoodis.

    1. I believe Persians are given a pass by the more famous WN.

      An antisemite won’t hold much back. In fact, when delving into conspiracies, I find the Jew-namers more trustworthy.

      I like Brazil in part because many attractive mixes like Whites and often identify as White. I’d have to be a fool, a fagaze, or a fanook to be against this bias.

      I’m not a purist but White identity and even supremacy often produces the culture I prefer. Perhaps the culture most all humans prefer deep down. Even Asians gravitate West more than the reverse.

      1. Asians… East Asians are well known for being white worshippers. Even many Indians are white worshippers but usually they don’t go as far as ditching their own clothing or traditions for western ones like Asians. Traditional family values are dead in the West and the Far East. They are full of whores, single moms and degenerates.

        1. More remnants of the old West might be found in East Europe now. I see a number of East Asians in Asian garb, likely a special occasion, but they seem proud of it. The Northern Persian coverings are authentic to a small minority of Indians in the North. Most Indians should be topless, wearing a saree that doesn’t cover their chest.

          1. Then you clearly not know much about Indian clothing at all. Even the pajamas that is so common now in the west is Indian, so is the turban, the veil, the shawl and for women, sarees were never topless not even during the Indus Valley civilization.

          2. No way, some of that clothing must have come in from the Northwest with the Indo-Aryans and the Aryan Migration. No way is all that clothing native to India pre-3,500 YBP.

          3. We get it. We get it. You’re an Indian nationalist. A Hindu nationalist.

            It’s not surprising as almost 100% of Indian Hindus, especially high caste ones, are Indian/Hindu nationalists. This even includes liberals and progressive types. They get very mad when I point that out to them. “I vote for Congress!” they yell. “I’m not a rightwinger!” they holler. But they’re not that different.

            Indian/Hindu nationalism is simply the default for almost all Indian Hindus from all across the political spectrum all the way to the liberals and progressives. I don’t even see that much difference between the average Hindu Indian and the Hindutvadis, frankly. Seem to be all points somewhere along a particular spectrum.

          4. Indus Valley women were bare breasted. The bare breast part always stands out in my mind.

          5. So, whatever that link says must be true? These things are based on assumptions. I have studied History in college and here’s what it said, “As regards to dress, it is not possible to describe it definitely AS NO ACTUAL SPECIMENS OF ANCIENT CLOTHING HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED.”

            These theories are based on figures and statues. Indian, Greek and many other ancient people made nude statues or figurines of Gods or other important figures. Doesn’t mean average people dressed like that.

            “The Northern Persian coverings is authentic to a small minority of Indians in the North. Most Indians should be topless, wearing a saree that doesn’t cover their chest.”

            Haha. You say that in such a condescending tone as if you were alive back then. Are you one of those Persian nationalists who think everything fair and good in the world came from Persia?

          6. Jesus Christ man, you are an Indian nationalist or even a Hindu nationalist, aren’t you? I knew you were. The Indus Valley women went about topless. Period. That’s not even controversial. Your history professor was probably an Indian nationalist so take what he says with a grain of salt.

            Also it is clear that even aspects of the saree came from Greece and Persia. That’s as clear as air.

          7. I’ve seen pretty detailed pictures back in the day when I researched this. I believe the cold weather clothing came from Persia. It’s interesting what they wore, I don’t see it as bad. Many ancient civilizations may have worn similar clothing, as stated in the link.

    2. Yeah, I do see that anti-Muslim/anti-Persian hate is more acceptable – mainly because of the propaganda resulting from the W. Bush era. Well, actually, just from all the years since 1974 (oil embargo, Iranian hostage taking, Iraq War, 9/11 (drove many over the edge)).

      Not sure about the Indian stuff. What do you mean, Quiki-Mart on the Simpsons?

      1. Simpsons got rid of Apu because the PC crowd was offended. That’s all PC does, limit and take away.

        1. I was gonna mention that. They had a character like Apu that stereotyped and made fun of Indians but they wouldn’t have the balls to make some character like that about Blacks or Jews.

          It’s one of the reasons why I believe there are so many of these wannabe white type Indians online too. Western media and television has a habit of only portraying Indians as very dark skinned. Even in movies they only pick the darkest people to represent Indians so other indians feel left out and demeaned.

          They should have some character that made fun of Niggers and their appearance and how they look similar to Apes or about Jews and how cunning, lying, deceiving they are. How they control the media. How they caused, funded and benefitted off almost every war around the world since World War 2. How they lied about 6 million HOLOHOAX! How they were kicked out of 109 countries and how they are the most hated race on the planet! White Americans still don’t have the balls to attack these two groups and they are especially scared of denying the Holocaust.

          1. Blacks are intelligent voices of reason. Compare Carl to Homer, Officer Lou to Wiggum. The good doctor is black. Krusty is a dirty entertainment Jew but has a good heart. Mr. Burns has some Jewy Penguin characteristics and Smithers possibly his shabaz goy. Most viewers liked Apu. Apu being too dark might be a more honest reason Indians didn’t like him. Anyways, Simpsons Golden Age like Mash and most other shows were its early years. Edge, creativity, rawness, freedom, humor, ect. are all related. You put that fire out you have nothing.

      2. Of course The Simpsons is anti-white. You can tell that right away with Ned Flanders.

        However, though, blacks are pretty much demeaned by their just existing – so any positive portrayal is just an escape from their hell. Well, in the US, at least, they do that. They wouldn’t do that in non-Jew controlled, non-black countries.

        1. It’s not even just TV. It’s the internet too. They will let things against browns slide and if you react with something against blacks, Jews, whites, feminists, LGBT or any other group then immediate ban! YouTube automatically detects racist words/phrases against Jews and blacks and deleted them but the comments sections are still full of racism against Indians and Middle Eastern people.

  2. It’s not likely that it came from outside as the fabrics used for making those garments are mainly found in India. Most of the fabrics were transported from India to other parts of the world in ancient times, not the other way around.

    Robert, lol. I’m not a Hindu nationalist but I’m not one of those guys who think everything good in India has to have come from outside since Indians were not intelligent to come up with those things on their own. That’s what White supremacists believe. Like that story of that Greek God who the Greeks claimed had come to India many thousands of years ago and taught Indians how to bathe and dress. That’s what racist Ancient Greeks believed in and they made up such myths about other cultures too.

  3. @Robert Lindsay doesn’t believe in the HolaHoax at all! However, he thinks it’s being used wrongly to make Jews untouchable.

    1. He has put his real name and picture here. Denying the Holocaust is very taboo in western countries and could lead to people getting fired from their jobs or never be able to get decent jobs again. I’m sure many people know that it’s a hoax but they are just afraid to say it.

      1. If it’s a white collar job. The blue collar world is probably riddled with white supremacists – or “in the closet ones”. Nobody cares about blue collar. Nobody even wants to do it nowadays, so who cares what they think about Jews.

        White collar is full of a lot of repressed racists – which is probably way worse. Probably they’re meaner to non-whites, but I could be wrong. Anyway, the university I went to is full of tons of “angry white males” – but considering the open gay stuff on campus – I can see why.

        But these are Cluster B – so who cares. They’re mentally ill, honestly. I mean, who really cares if the world is becoming too PC? I mean, enough to have an attitude about it.

      2. I actually believe in the Holocaust. Did a lot of research in that area too. They already call me Jew-hater, antisemite, neo-Nazi, fascist, etc. all the time anyway. I don’t really get any points by believing in the Holocaust. BTW, exactly how many hardcore neo-Nazis believe in the Holocaust? I guess I’m the only one, except I’m not a neo-Nazi of course. That’s just what paranoid, dishonest Jews and psychotic Western Leftist ultra-SJW’s say about me.

        1. If Holocaust happened then Nazis would have had to kill some 20 Jews every second. It is simply not possible, looking at the rooms claimed to have been used as gas chambers or the corpses claimed to have been victims of deliberate gassing. It is very easy to figure out that 9/11 was an inside job as well.

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