Using Logic to Discern Conspiracy Theories

O.K., no, stupid, there isn’t a secret plot to make outer-space aliens rule over the US.

How can we truly examine things like anti-Jewish hysteria, anti-Chinese hysteria, anti-US hysteria (often by the US people themselves)? Well, to keep from being Medieval barbarians, we should look to logic, which is a subset of mathematics.  It’s the same thing that lawyers use to discern the truth.  But when did we ever trust lawyers, lol?

I’m no expert at logic, only taking one course in it at university.  However, I’ve heard of things like ad-hominem.

Do white supremacists etc.. care about logic?

Not really.  They just want to have fun, and logic is the party pooper, assuming it would even come across their mind ever!  These types claim that science and everything backs them up, but there is a chance it doesn’t!  It’s because they don’t want to search deep enough.

We see this in the Bible also.  The Pharisees didn’t want the truth cause they couldn’t handle the truth.  It think that was the deep meaning between all his spats with them in gospels.

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