Alt Left:Massive Fail: India Is Actually More Messed Up Than Sub-Saharan Africa!

You don’t actually believe that Africa is somehow better off than India?

Yes, I absolutely do. Less outdoor shitting, lower malnutrition and starvation, fewer women dying in childbirth. I was appalled. India is even more fucked up than Sub-Saharan Africa! Talk about pathetic. You need to stop defending your shithole, man. Face it, it’s a shithole. SHI is right. Embrace the fact that it’s a shithole, drop out of Indian society, and be done with it.

Many Africans haven’t even come out of the hunter gatherer lifestyle

This is absolutely false. The White Nationalists (in other words, the nigger-haters) say this all the time. I went and did some research on it, and nope, there are only a few hunter-gatherer societies left in Africa. Almost all sub-Saharan groups are agriculturalists, either tending small plots which is the norm or growing crops on large plantations.

Africans in fact may have been the first to invent agriculture 12,000 YBP in the Gambian Highlands. As with so many things human, once again, Africans did it first. Africans have had plantation agriculture since 1,100 YBP. It started in East Africa around Tanzania and places like that.

Africa overall, may also have more land but probably has less habitable land than India, so putting all these things into perspective, I don’t see how India could have a higher rate when there is no open defecation in South India, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, there may be very little in Jammu, none in Kashmir/Ladakh, and very little in Northeast (I’m assuming Assam is the only one where it may be common).

They do. 60

Dude, stop. Defending India is a fools’ errand that leads nowhere, and you end up lying all the time because the only way to defend India is with lies. Come to think of it, that’s pretty pathetic right there.

I would also like to know where these stats are from and how did they actually manage to conclude that this number of Indians are openly defecating.

A while back when organizations were promoting the war on open defecation, I did the research. And yep, India was worst. 60

And when I did my research, not only was Africa lower (I think 25-30

In contrast when I looked into India, I found that a lot of Indians simply didn’t care or else actually preferred to be streetshitters. I don’t know what to do about India. Sometimes I think India needs Maoism. Total Cultural Revolution. Not The Cultural Revolution , which definitely had issues, but the cultural revolution that the CCP initiated as soon as they got in and which they pursue to this very day.

I am so sorry. But when you are actually more fucked up than Sub-Saharan Africa, of all places, man, you got problems. When even some of the worst failos are beating you, man, that’s fail with a capital F.

And while it may be difficult to have pride if you are a Sub-Saharan African (though I think they should anyway), Black Africans can at least take  pride in the fact that so many of the biggest milestones in the development of Homo sapiens that left us able to be this civilized were actually initiated by Africans.

All the way up to agriculture. Yep, Africans did it first once again. They started smelting iron awful early too. In fact, Africans were smelting iron even before Europeans were 2,900 YBP! Sure, Africans didn’t advance much beyond that, but still, being the first to reach so many of humanity’s milestones is pretty cool. And Africans can also be proud of the fact that they are more socially advanced than Indians!

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14 thoughts on “Alt Left:Massive Fail: India Is Actually More Messed Up Than Sub-Saharan Africa!”

  1. And that statistic would also include North Africa which is mainly Arab. What is the open defecation rate in Sub-Saharan Africa currently? You would also have to consider population and many other things and how old were these statistics.

    I went to my father’s village and many other rural areas and even there I never witnessed any open defecation. My father and his grandfather (my great grand father) all had toilets so it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. A state like Himachal Pradesh is larger than Switzerland and many entire countries for example and it has no open defecation.

    The first drainage and sewage systems were also invented in India over 5000 years ago.

    Africa is a continent divided into various small countries so they largely don’t have to face the problem of poor people migrating to the cities and turning them into shitholes with slums.

    Just look at the recent videos on lockdown. All those millions of migrant workers… They all went outside their states and native villages and were likely living in slums as the contractors who hire these workers don’t provide them appropriate housing and sanitation as they are supposed to.

    It would be better if we compared individual states of India with the countries having similar population and land. I’m not a nationalist. I actually hate many things about India but let’s be objective here.

    1. You are actually one of the better more rational posters who come from India on here. If you have the time go through all the back pages on India. They’re eye openers. I only wish Robert had better arranged them into a sub category. Ignore Mayur Varshane he is a retard. Mentally challenged. I interacted with him a year ago and abruptly decided to cut contact. He’s loose.

      1. Thank you, and yes I have been reading more and more older posts on India here recently. I think it’s people like us who recognize and acknowledge the problems within that India can make a change.

        Perhaps we could form our own political party. BJP, Congress and the rest are all corrupt, full of rapists and thieves who have multiple massacres and genocides on their hands. These immature Indian nationalists love BJP so much that they would even defend a rapist like Kuldeep Sengar who not only raped a girl but then even attempted to murder her and her relatives.

        The caste-based and religion-based sectarian votebank politics is so blatant and obvious that before the elections, the news channels would even openly discuss about how BJP has the upper caste votebank and the Congress has the Muslim votebank and so on.

        Yet the idiots here see nothing wrong with this failure of a democratic system. Recently, there were protests in Lebanon over the same thing, calling for an end to sectarian politics, and yet here in India, no one has the guts to attack the root cause of these issues; instead they get played the same way the politicians want them to by dividing themselves and attacking each other instead of rebelling against the politicians.

        1. I agree with everything you wrote, but there’s a lot more. It goes beyond politics. I would like to share my perspective. Hold tight…

          As I said, I am an officially diagnosed schizoid. I could never belong anywhere. But more than that I cannot stand patriotism and group belonging. I can’t belong anywhere and never did in my entire life. To me (and this is a schizoid trait) tribes are alien – be they sport teams or nations or religions.

          But this condition has given me a good observers seat of societies, nations and cultures. I have observed Germans, Americans, Canadians, Taiwanese, and of course my fellow Indians and analyzed their behaviour. And I know for a fact I am correct. I have a habit of going off on a tangent because there’s so much in my head, but I’ll try to be on track here.

          See, the problem with Indians is that Indians are OBSESSED with India. This is a strange phenomenon which is not observed anywhere else. The only comparison I can find is a fundamentalist Muslim who breathes and eats Islam all day.

          Indians are obsessed with the concept of India. Obsessed with the word India. I’m sure you know what I speak of: turn on any news channel and you’ll see. India this, India that. India kya bolega, India kya karega. India, India, India.

          India is the worst example of a collectivist society. Nobody is an introvert or an extrovert or a schizoid or a borderline…Everyone is Indian. Go to any news channel and you’ll see someone say, “The world looks up to Indians,” or something along that tune. There is a nationalist YouTube channel called WION hosted by an Indian chick whose entire job is to gloat about the greatness of India.

          But even on daily channels it is bizarre how everyone just blatantly makes shit up. This is so strange to observe it boggles my mind. How can people be so gullible? Indians literally lack…they LACK the ability to introspect. And the cognitive dissonance is so bad it has to be seen to be believed. They will look at a blue table and call it red and be fine with it.

          There is an Indian fervor of the sorts nobody can comprehend. It is worse than North Korea — at least those poor sods don’t know any better. How do you explain a humongous mass of 1.4 billion to All act in the same way – in a democratic nation no less – where they can look around and see for themselves?

          Indians lack any knowledge of other cultures. Tell them about the wonders of the world, and they either feign disinterest or become downright hostile. Nobody behaves in this manner, not even the worst trailer trash redneck of Alabama. Indians operate on a very, very low wavelength.

          The Arabic traveler Al Beruni mentions this phenomenon in his recordings. He says the Hindu is contemptuous of anything foreign. For him India is the greatest, and nothing else exists. If you get a chance Google his name. The entire book on India is available online.

          He mentions the Hindu Indian as haughty, arrogant, myopic and self-centered. Robert used the words myopic and inward-looking in an article in 2013 which was what got me interested in his blog. That after a thousand years a White man living in California pretty much sums up these people in exactly the same manner a scholar from Arabia did a thousand years ago.

          Indians are incredibly inward-looking, myopic, selfish and self-centered. You tell them and they all get angry, jealous and rude. Strange innit?

          Why do you think this is? Have you ever wondered?

          Robert has gone on record saying its the culture and especially the religion of Hinduism, and whilst he is correct, I think the actual reason is a lot worse.

          I feel that a lot of this can be explained by genetics and especially the environment. India has always been a closed society. Perhaps the temperature (very temperate and tropical), climate, even diet have made the humans here this way. The way they walk, the way they talk, the way they react. It’s almost like a bunch of Neanderthals or chimpanzees.

          Think about it…Even the Muslim and Christian Indians act the same way. Just go on YouTube or Facebook and you’ll see these idiots profess their cringy love to India despite the fact that they can very well see the vitriol the Indian Hindus have for them.

          It’s like it goes over these morons’ heads. There’s no retaliation. There’s no desire to fight for their background. They simply participate in the Indian love orgy…Mera Bharat Mahaan meri Jaan mera Bharat.

          Robert had a discussion with a Dalit called Manny in 2014 (the thread is here if you look) and he was genuinely shocked to see that this Dalit not only didn’t want to overthrow the system of Brahmanism but actively supported the Brahmins.

          There is even a comment by a shocked Robert asking him why the Hell is he supporting the people who mistreat him and mistreated his ancestors. But I have also seen these Dalits and lower castes working in my house (I am a rich Brahmin) all throughout my childhood. Not only were they fine with being mistreated but they reveled in it.

          There’s a psychological phenomenon called learned helplessness – which basically means a mental state in which an organism forced to bear aversive stimuli or stimuli that are painful or otherwise unpleasant becomes unable or unwilling to avoid subsequent encounters with those stimuli, even if they are escapable.

          The Dalit, perhaps thorough eons of such behavior, has become genetically programmed to enjoy this suffering. But not just Dalits…To an extent every Indian. Indians are molded into a slave mentality from birth.

          The majority are mollycoddled by their parents. I have heard innumerable times children sleeping with their parents in the same bed till they’re 5 or 6 years old. They are pussified.

          On top of that they are brainwashed in school with this fervent jingoism of the worst kind. It’s not the manly heroic type but the pathetic wimpy sort. No wonder there are so many emotional tunes all over the place in movies or news.

          Indians grow up worshipping heroes and idols and authority. Go on any YouTube video of Shahrukh Khan, and there will be an idiot Indian professing that Forbes ranked him the 2nd richest actor in the world. How do you explain this? And there are so many threads full of discussions and debates if anyone dares challenge this.

          As if Shah Rukh’s wealth and status makes their individual existence better as a whole. It is pathetic and it irks me. Apply this to any person of Indian origin. Even when a video on cricket has nothing to do with India, they will shove India into the talk. And they are too dumb to see how it irks others. In a way with the prominence of jio, the world is knowing of Indian behavior and mindset.

          Indians have a literal slavish mentality. There is zero creativity in anything, be it in schools, architecture, cinema or art.

          This is the sole reason they (we) have been invaded by anyone and everyone who came here. Look at this bunch of idiots bickering among themselves, let’s take advantage. Like an anthill and they are 1.4 billion blind ants oblivious to outside forces or occurrences.

          Indians even look anxious all the time. I have observed this…Put them on a stage with a White guy and see how they react…Doesn’t matter if its a middle class guy, a big actor, or a top CEO. They become anxious. Their eyes go wide open. And often they start looking down at the earth.

          It is so easily observable. I have seen Amitabh Bachchan, Virat Kohli, and top CEOs behave in such manner. Its like all 1.4 billion follow the same pattern. Anxiety and fear. Utter lack of convictions and self-belief.

          The people here need to man up. Stop being emotional. Indians are incredibly emotional – it is cringy and terrible to observe. Everything you wrote about the way they act on the streets, the manner in which they honk their vehicles, and the entire way they live is a part of this phenomenon. And this is why I wrote this.

          You are a keen observer, the likes of which surely exist. But in fringe. I think you’re too hopeful. It would be better if we started a clan or something and stayed in touch for to me the Indian character is the main hindrance which cannot change, let alone politics and what not.

          I am an observer but even when I was in Canada there was a need to belong. Perhaps there is a bit of Indian in me after all. But the more I see the people here…the more I observe them bicker and get offended on Twitter over the silliest and cringiest things, the more I feel there’s no way out.

          To be honest in think the entire world is going down the tubes. If I were an American I’d be a Libertarian. Buy a land and grow my own food and just stay the fuck away from society at a distance. Kinda like Mel Gibson in The Patriot.

          1. “See the problem with Indians is that Indians are OBSESSED with India. This is a strange phenomenon which is not observed anywhere else. The only comparison I can find is a fundamentalist Muslim who breathes and eats Islam all day.

            Indians are obsessed with the concept of India. Obsessed with the word India. I’m sure you know what I speak of: turn on any news channel and you’ll see. India this, India that. India kya bolega, India kya karega. India, India, India.”

            Yes, very much so, hence all those foreign (mainly White) YouTubers traveling to India and making videos on India to easily get millions of views and make lots of money as Indians particularly are infatuated with Whites and are seeking their approval in everything.

            Now, all foreign YouTubers who make India-related videos aren’t like that, as there are many genuine ones too, but most of them have observed and understood Indian mentality and are taking advantage of it.

            Indians just ruin things everywhere they go. They along with Pakistanis ruined Quora. Now, that was a biased Zionist shithole website anyways, but in every question, Indians had to come in and make every question about their country.

            The worst case of this is in the YouTube comments section where everywhere these juvenile Hindu nationalists have to express their hatred for Muslims, make every unrelated video about their country, and talk as if they are speaking on behalf of all Indians or Hindus. They don’t even realize that the foreigners they are trying so hard to pander to just see them as the same brown sand nigger mud race as the Middle Easterners.

            They really embarrass all Indians and Hindus and unnecessarily start arguments between foreign Muslims and Hindus.

            I will even go as far as to say that if they can’t stop posting their immature anti-Muslim comments, then they should just limit them to India/Pakistan related videos. There they can abuse each other all they want, but when they make comments like that in videos with a lot of non-South Asian audience, they turn us into laughingstocks.

            There is also a new rise of Israel/Jew worship among these type of immature Hindu nationalists. From their narrow-minded point of view, Jews hate the Arabs so that somehow means that Jews are the Hindus’ friends.

            They don’t realize that the Arabs and other non-south Asian Muslims do not care about South Asian politics and have no interest in oppressing the Hindu infidels today. Indian Hindu’s conflicts only exists with Pakistani Muslims, not even with Afghans or Bangladeshis. But they will bring up their immature crap in every video and make me feel so ashamed to be Hindu and Indian.

            Jio is definitely responsible for a lot of this, and another thing may be the fact that India has one of if not the largest population of young people, and we can see that online. Most of these people are teens or below 20.

            I used to post some very embarrassing and cringy (I hate using this word) content on forums and social media as well, and if you go on forums, you will see many people, even Americans and Western people, talk about how cringy these Indians’ teenage social media pages were and how they gave them anxiety and a feeling of embarrassment just looking at their old comments and posts.

            If someone is able to recognize their faults and embarrassing past comments, then that is a good thing, as they are growing as a more mature person. But it seems like all Indians online are basically in that awkward teenage phase all the time.

            On Facebook, when I used to post anything against India, I even had older people in their 40’s replying with their annoying as fuck patriotic drivel and calling me a “fake ID”. That’s all they do if you criticize India, their responses boil down to “FAKE ID”, “mullah”, “jihadi”, “Pakistani terrorist”, “Commie” or something along those lines, as they go into a raging state of denial and anger.

            Then there are all the annoying & irritating “love from India” comments on unrelated YouTube videos. Indians are huge copycats and wannabes. I even had my own comments copied and posted again with slight changes made within the same comment sections on Facebook.

            They see something, they like it, and they just wanna feel intelligent or something, so they just copy others all the time. Bollywood is another huge embarrassing copy/paste industry.

            Indians are incredibly inward looking, myopic, selfish and self centered. You tell them and they all get angry, jealous and rude. Strange innit?

            Why do you think this is? Have you ever wondered?

            I think some of the fault lies with the parents too. The parents teach their children about how India was a “Sone Ki Chiddiya” (Golden Bird) before the British arrived and how they “looted” (so tired and annoyed of Indians using this word) India for 200 years, and that’s what lead to them being in the state they are now. They never own up to their mistakes and always wanna play the victim.

            I feel that a lot of this can be explained by genetics and especially the environment. India has always been a closed society.

            Yes, I too believe genetics plays a part in our behaviour. Jews are I believe the most hated group in the world, and for good reasons as the saying, “the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you” perfectly sums up their behaviour and history. I think they are genetically more likely to be greedy and cunning, and nothing will ever change that.

            Some of it may be evolutionary, and some of it may be due to historical reasons like Jews immigrating to other mainly Christian countries where they were a minority and treated differently by the Christians. This made them identify with their communities much more, and if by chance they were able to gain power, they would only employ other members of their own community.

            It was due to this nepotism that they began to be hated so much in Europe. For the Jews, the only thing that mattered was their domination, and they also were largely not interested in spreading their religion. Seeing themselves as more of a “race” chosen by God to rule over others. They still treat the Ethiopian Jews like subhumans and consider them as nothing more than monkeys, all the while crying about the fake 6 million.

            They have entered into the many beautiful parts of India too like Himachal Pradesh, where they have opened Synagogues and restaurants where only Jews are allowed to enter. This is reminiscent of the British days where they put up signs outside buildings that read “Indians & Dogs Not Allowed”. If I ever travel to those parts of the country, I will definitely try entering those Jew run places and see what happens.

            On top of that they are brainwashed in school with this fervent jingoism of the worst kind. It’s not the manly heroic type but the pathetic wimpy sort. No wonder there are so many emotional tunes all over the place in movies or news.

            This thing confuses me as well. Indian movies are filled with melodramatic victim mentality nonsense, and when you realize those dumb movies were written by grown men, it makes it worse. Especially those patriotic films about British rule, which are some of the most embarrassing – always portraying British as the cartoony evil and the Indians these poor, oppressed victims of racism.

            Indians are too fond of this poor, helpless, harmless, innocent victim image of theirs. While every day we hear stories of them committing the most barbaric acts imaginable on their fellow Indians. Like organ trafficking, rapes, gang rapes, mutilation, dismemberment, beheading, among other things.

            There was a case of a man gouging out his own father’s eyes out with his bare hands, though he was a drug addict, so one could use that as an excuse for his behaviour. But if you search eye gouging then you will get many incidents in India.

            The worst bestiality cases come from India too. There was a gang rape of a pregnant goat by 8 men in 2018, and the perpetrators were Muslim, so as usual the nationalistic tone was seen in the comments with nationalist Hindus blaming the act on Muslims. While they forget to blame Hindus when they are caught in similar crimes.

            On Facebook, I even came across a CCTV video of an Indian raping a cow. It was posted by someone who was trying to spread awareness about bestiality in India. Another case, a teenager was caught trying to rape a chicken in some village…Indians will fuck anything that moves.

            Then there are the rapes, women being gang raped in front of their husbands or sons.

            One more interesting thing about Indian or I should say Hindu mentality… when Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards, a massacre of Sikhs occurred in various parts of India.

            This was state-sponsored and could not have been done without the help of the police and politicians, but the people showed overwhelming support for the Congress Party after this massacre, helping them secure their biggest win ever.

            These savages (15-18 year olds in particular) from poor slum or rural areas commit most of the atrocities in these riots. They even raped a woman in front of her son right after they had burned the boy’s father and brother alive. How can someone have so little empathy? I refuse to believe that any amount of poverty or child abuse can make someone behave this way. This type of behaviour has to be genetic.

            Another thing I notice is that Indians have no empathy for others, but they have a lot of love for themselves. These same animals who raped a mother in front of her son would most definitely start crying and begging if they were hit with a stick a few times.

            Since Indira Gandhi was killed by a Sikh, the Hindus turned on the Sikhs, but when Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a Hindu, the Hindus didn’t turn on each other. So, I guess it’s fine if a Hindu kills a Hindu leader, but if it’s a non-Hindu, then that community needs to be massacred, burned, raped, and tortured, according to Hindu nationalist logic.

            Internet and YouTube comments of Indians give us a good idea of Indian mentality. It feels like I’m living in an asylum filled with lunatics. Any video on Kashmir and they start crying about Kashmiri Pandits.

            There was a page on Facebook called Indian Atheists (I wasn’t a fan of theirs, as they were too much male feminist, ultra-liberal types who hated all traditional values) and any time they made a post criticizing Hinduism, all these retards would come out like flies and bashing the page and calling them Muslims with their usual “fake id”, “mullah”, “Pakistani” insults.

            It’s as if the idea that a Hindu could criticize Hinduism is unfathomable to these people.

            Everywhere you go, on every Indian news page, it’s these BJP retards, always posting their childish crap and liking/upvoting each other’s comments to feel validated and calling anyone who disagrees with them a Muslim or Pakistani.

          2. Indians are also very lacking in self-awareness and seem to lack any human dignity, especially the poorer ones. They have no idea how to behave or show gratitude. They act entitled. I have experienced this personally with beggars.

            1 rupee isn’t enough for them. If you give them 1 rupee then they will say how they can’t get anything with 1 rupee and that you should given them 5 rupees. If you refuse then they will probably curse at you, so one should never fall for these scams.


            Near the end of this video, look at how these people act. They were on to him like a bunch of rats. They chased him all the way through just because he gave them money. Instead of saying ‘Thank you’ and showing gratitude or acting in a civilized manner, they act like animals. There are homeless people in many western countries, and they wouldn’t act this way. This is some really backward and primitive behaviour.

            And this guy, haha


            This type of behaviour is maybe genetic too, or maybe it’s just our society and culture raising people to be leeches and parasites. Maybe that explains the large number of scammers here as well.

          3. Okay, my first reply was edited, and it changed the meaning of a few things I mentioned here:

            I used to post some very embarrassing and cringy (I hate using this word) content on forums and social media as well, and if you go on forums, you will see many people, even Americans and Western people, talk about how cringy [[these Indians’ teenage]] social media pages were and how they gave them anxiety and a feeling of embarrassment just looking at their old comments and posts.

            It was just [[their own teenage]]. I didn’t add that “these Indians” part there. I was actually talking about the fact that people in other countries too post cringy and embarrassing content online, and when they grow up/mature, they look back on their own posts with embarrassment. So that wasn’t something exclusive to only Indians.

            People across all cultures are weird and awkward at that age with social media and the Internet. Many people are willing to admit they were cringy or narrow minded, but many Indians remain in that phase even when they reach adulthood. But since most Internet users from India would be below 20’s, then it makes sense that they act that way.

            Another thing I’d like to mention is that Pakistanis are not much different at all in their behaviour. In every-India related post or page, Pakistanis would comment for no reason, making some joke or insult towards Hinduism or India.

            One more thing that kinda annoys me a little is how condescending Pakistanis are towards Indians. Indian nationalists on the Internet are usually young males, while among Pakistanis, even women, act the same way. When I was a regular on Quora and subscribed to India-related topics, I would keep getting these dumb questions and answers from Pakistanis on my newsfeed, and it would always be about skin color or race.

            They suffer from an extreme case of identity crisis and are always trying to prove they are different from Indians and closer to their Arab or Persian masters. They absolutely loathe the fact that their ancestors were kafir Hindus. The females are on a whole other level of pretentiousness.

            You know in Hollywood movies where they show the LA girls as being pompous, arrogant, pretentious, and either acting like they belong to some nobility or royalty or acting too girly. The Pakistani girls on social media act the same way, and I found it hilarious how they think they are some type of princesses.

            I also have visited many anthropology/race classification-related forums, and most of them are almost dead now fortunately, as they were a complete joke.

            If you post a picture of a fair-skinned Indian with high cheekbones, then they will classify him as “Iranid” implying that all Iranians are so fair skinned and Caucasian, and if you post a picture of a dark skinned Iranian, who looks no different than an average Indian, then they will still label him Iranid.

            Then if you post a picture of an Indian who looks exactly the same as that dark Iranian, they will classify him as Indo-Branchid or some other nonsense.

            Turks (from Turkey) too seem to have an obsession with race and anthropology. On these forums, I see mainly Turks and South Asians. I guess it’s due to Turks being a heavily race-mixed nation so that causes identity issues everywhere.

            It’s also incredibly hilarious how pretentious these idiots posing as “experts” are. They all have made themselves believe they are White, and their whole existence revolves around that then there is all the lies on these forums related to castes, with these guys always trying to prove that their caste has more Caucasian features.

            Then there are all the pseudo-scientific studies of different ethnic groups within South Asia. None of these studies should ever be trusted, as they are all based on a small sample size. If they even test some 10,000 people of a particular ethnicity, then that would be 1% or less of most groups and nothing when compared to all 1.3 billion+ people, but many wannabe white Indians love citing these fake genetic studies.

            In fact, all DNA testing labs are a major scam. This is why people get different results from different places. Their results are based on the samples which already exist in their database.

            This is why a German girl on YouTube got USA in her DNA results! USA is a more recently inhabited country, and the region that she got in her results is mostly inhabited by German migrants. So, this proves that all these tests do is find existing matching DNA material in their database. They cannot accurately pinpoint one’s ancestry.

      2. You have some good ideas and I admit you are above intelligent but you came across as rather unstable. We talked a lot last year on Facebook.
        If you refer to that thead of yours where you had asked Robert to enquire if some American would marry you because you wanted to get the fuck out of here, you were unpredictable hating on Whites and then Hindus randomly. It’s still there you can look.

        1. What is this pointless obsession with cows? It is not even related to Hinduism. Cows were eaten by the Vedic people. This cow worship thing began in rural parts of India, as they mainly relied on dairy products for sustenance. If a cow has ran out of its usefulness, then it should be eaten.

          I also don’t have any double standards like those Western hypocrites who talk about animal rights and criticize Chinese for eating dogs while they eat cows, chicken, fish, etc…all the time. I think all animals can be eaten, and there shouldn’t be stigma around any of it. There shouldn’t be double standards for cows or dogs.

          Furthermore, leaving cows on the streets (particularly in the cities/urban areas) is one of the most disgusting practices ever. Even back in the 16th century, a Korean explorer was surprised when he came to India and noticed how Indians allowed cattle to roam on the streets.

          They poop everywhere, sit in the middle of the roads, cause traffic accidents, and are an overall big nuisance in the already-congested shithole streets of India. This cow thing is the most embarrassing part of Hinduism and the most disgusting too. Remove this cow worship thing and be like the Vedics – that would be perfect and more civilized.

          1. The comment that I replied this to has disappred and so has Mayur’s comments. This will confuse anyone reading the comments section here.

    2. The ancient Harrapans had great hygeine. Africa is dangerous and exciting. I want to see all its animals and natural wonders.

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