As Suspected, White Americans Are Too Uppity to Do Blue Collar Work

Well, no wonder so many people are under the threat of Salvadorans sweeping the floor – lol. No wonder the upsurge in no-degree Whites voting Trump. The real problem, though is simply, as ironically many cultural left people have been saying, that people don’t want more education.   Specifically, they especially don’t want to study to be tradespeople.

At least one on this blog is saying Western guys are metrosexuals and pussies. Well, actually, that’s not the problem. The problem is that they simply won’t humble themselves to do dirty work, while ironically working at supermarkets, etc., which at times could be “just as dirty”.

But the point being maybe they’re too lazy to study, and also, some probably are thinking the Wal-Mart job is just a stepping stone to something better, while being stuck in it for years.

How bad is the shortage in Blue Collar?

It’s tremendous. Well, I was reading this magazine today about it, and it brought my attention to write this article.

A Personal Example

I had a friend that wanted to start a computer repair biz. Again, too lazy to study. So he made me do it. I did it, no problem, and then he backed out! That made me so mad!

Why study, though? Well, these trade things require licenses, etc., and you gotta study, but non-college types don’t like it.

Blue Collar vs White Collar

Well, the Bubbas are laughing to the bank. They’re making way more money than college grads probably. So next time you see your auto mechanic or plumber – you can be assured he has a good portion of the market with little competition. In fact, he’s probably vacationing on the French Rivera.

I had a cousin, even in jail before due to DUI manslaughter, but he came out working his way to actually taking vacations all the time like in Europe or the Caribbean. I can’t imagine a country boy doing all that. Maybe some yuppie snob, lol.

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2 thoughts on “As Suspected, White Americans Are Too Uppity to Do Blue Collar Work”

  1. Get rid of most management. The workers are what’s essential. If you can do your job at home, how essential are you? White collars seem less essential and more cowardly. Pol Pot knew their worth.

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