88889.com for Sale – Bid $70,000 or More

And there’s  52 bids! Plus it don’t look like it has any inherent value like traffic or whatnot.

Talk about the insanity of capitalism. But this is Chinese driving up the demand. Yep, those same folks eating bats – and now eating bats again – legally!  😆

Grab up those silly number combos, even ones without repetition – Chinese will buy them!  How about 29658927.com?

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2 thoughts on “88889.com for Sale – Bid $70,000 or More”

  1. Domain parking was quite a lucrative business even 15 years ago. I sold two domains for a sum total of around $1500 way back in 2006 and later in 2008. Had I made the right moves at the right time, I would have been a multi-millionaire now. In the same vein, I missed out on the Google Adsense program when I could have grandfathered it.

    Talk about the failures of life.

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