The Black Obsession with Color and Masculinity

I posted the above comment on Monday in the Adonis reveal thread. I see that a certain unnamed Youtuber has made a video (obviously after seeing my comment because I’ve see no one else ever bring up this concept. She regularly gets video ideas from lsa, but anyway)…

I have seen some threads though where people notice that in TV sitcoms, Black male children are always cast darker than females (and are never light-skinned) because they view dark skin as masculine.

But nothing about how people are more accepting of girls that look non-black than they are boys who look the same. Everyone is just feeding off of a subconscious ideal of what femininity and masculinity is. Drake wouldn’t have been hiding this kid or joking about dyeing his hair either if this was a daughter.

So much of this stuff is subjective. However, that’s the problem with cultures that value the opinions of family and race, aka. tribalism.

The bottom line is that people have to have the attitude, “I don’t care about the opinions of other people.”

But whites are also annoyingly tribal among the more blue collar set and the racists. However, all of this has been massively declining, which is seen as good for Whites, but for other groups, there hasn’t been a strong call to not be racist. That of course is the irony. Obnoxiously racist Latinos feeling little guilt or brooking no outside criticism is one example.

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2 thoughts on “The Black Obsession with Color and Masculinity”

  1. Whites really get nothing for being a good little boy. If anything you get more complaints and called racist more.

    1. When enlightened whites “go bad” and start acting like racist Blacks, that’s definitely wrong no matter “kicked in the teeth” argument.

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