Teach ESL in Asia – David Bowie Preferred

Yep, the more Anglo you look, the more you get the job! However, it does make sense in a heartless marketing way. Asians figure if someone looks Anglo, then they speak English better. They won’t fuck up sentences – you know, like many low-cost non-native writers.

Anyway, the truth of the matter – aside from the pristine images of non-disabled, non-fat, blondies – is that many “not ideal” people speak English just as well as those perfect stereotypes.  I mean, plenty of Korean-Americans can speak as good as a native, and they might be a native!

Also, lots of “med” looking whites from US, UK, etc. – of course, have English as a native language, and finally, the same is true with many Blacks, but Asians specifically hate Blacks – on top of the fact that they think they can’t speak English!

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