I Was a Boy Growing Up, Not a Prissy Girl

From my posts, some might think otherwise. No, I was a country boy, hiking up and down mountains, throwing fire crackers in the air from my bare hands, speeding down dangerous roads on a bike with no thought losing life or limb.

In fact, I even had a thick Southern accent! In fact, I never thought myself different than anyone else in East Tennessee. I wasn’t a mean boy, though. That’s why I was targeted a lot growing up – especially in 7th grade.  Other boys don’t like nice boys. It’s not about the way you look because I knew at least one other “string-bean” who was in fact one of the bullies giving me a hard time!

Anyway, there were a few oddities about me growing up. I had about half and half boy/girl playmates and longer hair, but for sure I was a boy all the way! But again, I was a nice boy.  I didn’t engage in harming animals or make fun of others, at least not that much.

However, the sad case is that most neighborhoods are full of some mean boys, and they simply hate whatever that is THE OTHER. The other would be boys that aren’t them. In fact, even as I got older,  when they found out that I taught English in Korea, they started giving me a hard time – giggling and calling me a gook lover. But you see the mentality of these types? And apparently they even have the balls to tackle adults.

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